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Person.png Margie SchoedingerRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Bornca. 1965
DiedSeptember 22, 2003 (Age 38)
Cause of death
Victim ofPremature death
A woman found shot dead after filing rape charges against George W. Bush. Corporate media uninterested.

Margie Schoedinger of Missouri City, Texas reportedly sued George W. Bush in December 2002, for rape of both herself and her husband. In 2003 She was found dead, and the judge ruled it a suicide.


Schoedinger filed a lawsuit on 2 December 2002, asking for $50 million for “emotional distress, loss of freedom and ability to pursue Plaintiff’s own dreams, alienation of affection from Plaintiff’s spouse, loss of privacy, being disparaged on the Internet, and loss of Plaintiff’s ability to be a Christian writer.”[1] She claims that Bush brutally raped and kidnapped her and her husband and drugged them both, in December of 2002 in Sugarland, Texas and that he threatened to kill her. [2]


The first known US newspaper to report on the court filing did so on 11 December 2002; LeaAnn Klentzman for the the Fort Bend Star covered the story, alleging that Bush conspired with the FBI and local police to cover up his alleged crime. The editor, Jean Sandlin later stated that the "report wasn't supposed to go up yet". Speaking of Schoedinger, he added: "I had heard she was a nutcase."[3] The web page was captured 49 times by the Internet Archive, the earliest cature being 31 December 2002, but all known captures are 404 - file not found.[4]

Scoop republished the Fort Bend Star story on 13 December 2002[5], and it was reportedly widely circulated on the internet at the time,[6] although little evidence remains visible as of 2019.

On December 20, 2002, Sean Carter for CounterPunch wrote an article on The Bush Rape Story which was still online as of 2019. Carter wrote that "anyone with a computer and a modem can verify the story by downloading court documents. However, the accuracy of the story does not seem to be enough for the media. Apparently, this story does not meet its threshold of “responsible journalism.”"[6]


On September 22, 2003 Margie Schoedinger was found with a shot to the head with a Glock handgun[7] and it was declared a suicide. Her relatives have also disappeared and the lawsuit she filed was removed from the history of lawsuits in the state of Texas.[8]

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