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(businessman, policeman)
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BornAugust 1963
Founder ofHarod Associates
Member ofAstutus Intelligence, Institute for Statecraft
A member of the Institute for Statecraft with years of experience involving "corruption enquiries at the highest level".

Martin Lewis Dubbey is a member of the Institute for Statecraft.

Martin Dubbey spent 30 years with UK law enforcement up until October 2010. Most of that time was spent with H M Customs in a range of operational and intelligence roles. This included transnational fiscal fraud, drug and corruption enquiries at the highest level. On transfer to the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency (now NCA) in April 2006, he was responsible for drugs intelligence and the coordination of various organised crime control strategy programmes. His career included being based in Miami, Florida as a UK Liaison officer working with FBI, DEA, US Customs and other federal and state organisations. This has given him a detailed insight of the US Justice system which is of great benefit in the private sector.

For the past 6 years his company has been involved in private sector commercial fraud, corruption and asset tracing work combining his experience of government, global connections and the use of cutting edge cyber technology. Most recently he was engaged as the lead investigator into the Russian Doping scandal deploying a wide range of investigation techniques to support the enquiry.

He has over 5 years of experience in the development of cyber investigation technology to help in the speed of collection and analysis of relevant material from a variety of sources to enhance investigation work. During 2015/16, this technology has helped identify over $750 million of hidden assets. These technology capabilities continue to be used in a wide range of criminal and civil cases.

Martin has an MSc in International Criminal Justice and is a member of the FBI leadership Development Programme. He has been awarded the US International Narcotics Award of Honour for his lead role in countering drug flows across the Atlantic.[1]


In 2015 Dubbey co-founded the now defunct Astutus Intelligence with Philip Matthews, who later became a fellow director of the Institute for Statecraft.[2] Dubbey is a managing director of Harod Associates, which contracted work for the IfS/II.[3]

Dubbey was the Chief Investigator into State corruption at the Sochi Olympic Games.[4]

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