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Interests • Canada/Deep state
• UK/Deep state

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review, contributor to Strategic Culture [1] and Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow. He has written the introduction to: Untold History of Canada book series [2] and is the author of: Clash of the Two Americas.[3] In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation.

He has written extensively on the Canadian deep state and how the British deep state still dominates the world.


“[...] The City of London is a very old institution and is has been the center of world finance for hundreds of years. So how were they able to control 400 million Indians, for 200 years, how were they able to do that? When they only had at most maybe 12-13.000 soldiers physically on the ground. That doesn't make sense.

And so it's only when you begin to realize, okay it's a much more multifaceted component, you have intelligence, you have cultural warfare, which is something reserved for the elite, as far as a knowledge of science of cultural warfare. This is not something you learn in community college. This is something which is reserved for a very select batch of young people, who are perhaps of the right family, who have the right inclinations, who are selected, they're discovered, they're provided sometimes, Rode-scholarships as part of their process of reaching upper level management position. And in the course of doing that, a set of experiences is provided to those young people, who go through an Oxford, or another, there's there's a variety of these types of scholarships that are provided, who then are brought into a sense of an understanding of the longer waves of history and how history actually moves, versus how we're taught in popular books you can buy at your local bookstore, which involves controlling the way people are thinking, controlling the way they're feeling,

[the interviewer mentions the Tavistock Institute] That's one aspect. Yeah it's the psychological warfare component of the British Empire. [on the question if it is the main component of that kind of operation]

Yeah it's an artery, there's also other aspects of it too. There is cultural wars that also involve approaches to science. What method will be permitted in the scientific world, so what sorts of theories are going to receive money, financial support, publications in peer-reviewed journals and which approaches to science are going to be crushed, choked of funding. There's things like that. There's also artistic aspects too. What sorts of artistic traditions will be provided money, revenue to grow, and which ones will be choked off. Why are we producing no more Beethovens, or Mozart's, or Schubert's today, why is that?

[interviewer mentions the sub-standard quality of modern music/artists and the propaganda aspects of it]

It's kind of like this question of, terrorism foreign and domestic, is: are these naturally occurring phenomenon, or are they artificially created to induce a certain effect in a target society you want to control, through fear and through other things, confusion. And it's the same sort of thing with abstract art, a-tonalist music, scientific theories that are useless. We discovered the god particle 10 years ago, what changed? Nothing!

[Matthew Ehret continues that with billions of founding of the LHC an observation was made that had no effect on the world that people experience, it only could unite theoretical models that were not compatible before (since gravity was a force that could not fit with the other four fundamental forces)]

Is that a real scientific discovery, if you make a discovery and then nothing changes? No, not at all. A scientific discovery comes [brings] with it, a power of of action, of having an ability to make better discoveries, but also live a better life, to translate those discoveries into new ways of having better technologies, of having more power to move to live a better life [...]”
Matthew Ehret (Jun 19, 2022)  [4]
(the text has been edited and is partially shortened for clarity)


Quotes by Matthew Ehret

New Development Bank“I have noticed a flurry of analysts commenting about the fraud of multipolarity based on the fact that a Goldman Sachs banker named Jim O'Neill came up with the idea after 9/11. Additionally, death cultists like Klaus Schwab have used the term "multipolarity" in a positive light which also fuels black pilled armchair opinionators to scream that everything is "controlled opposition'

Yes Goldman Sachs saw the emergence of the Russia-India-China alliance with Iran as an important partner emerging between 1997-2000 and yes they tried to co-opt it by creating a program to add biofuel basket case Brazil into the mix but the whole O'Neill program was based on speculative finance and tying the Eurasian powers around a set of bubbles centered at the time in Banco Santander and Brazil's biofuel market which could be detonated and destroy them from within.

At no time did Goldman Sachs or BlackRock ever promote large scale megaprojects like the BRI or INSTC programs that have become the defining character of the multipolar system. Sure once these projects are started they might try to get influence to disrupt them from within as investors but they have never and will never be the initiators of genuine projects that have the effect of 1) eliminating poverty, 2) empowering sovereign nation states.

The types of political economic systems geared around the increase of abundance, anti Malthusianism, poverty alleviation and cooperation among neighbours has no place in feudal capitalism systems extolled by those managing agencies like BlackRock, Goldman Sachs etc.”
29 July 2023
UFO“Did Laurence Rockefeller or those on his payroll or those in the CIA actually care about the right of the people to know hidden truths, or is the plan just designed to mis-direct the minds of credulous and jaded citizens into an invisible cage? Might such a mis-direction prevent people from dealing with issues of America’s lurch to fascism and accelerating disintegration? Is it possible that these pedophiles, globalists, and Malthusian billionaires care less about the truth and more about inducing Americans to fixate on aliens while the republic is destroyed under economic collapse and war?”Strategic Culture Foundation
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