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An independent minded person.

Political mavericks do not follow the crowd.

The BBC produced a programme on political mavericks in 2008.[1][2]



Page nameDescription
Maxime BernierMaverick politician; former MP and Minister; Leader of the People's Party of Canada, campaigning for COVID-19/Resistance.
Christopher ChopeConservative MP for Christchurch and East Dorset
Jeremy Corbyn
Caroline CoxMaverick baroness in the British Parliament.
Ron DeSantisA frontrunner for the Republican Party Presidential nomination in 2024.
Nigel Farage
George GallowayDissident Scottish politician
James Goldsmithan Anglo-French billionaire financier and businessman, possible deep state operative.
Ken Livingstone
Otis G. PikeThe first congressman to battle the NSA
Desmond SwayneDissident English politician.