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(author, filmmaker)
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Born30 June 1967
Alma materEdinburgh University, University of Vienna
RelativesJane Bürgermeister

Michael Buergermeister is an author and filmmaker who was born in Vienna in 1967 and brought up in London. He studied at Edinburgh University and the University of Vienna, and is the brother of Jane Bürgermeister.[1]

On 12 March 2020, in the context of the Olof Palme/Assassination, Michael Buergermeister commented to Patrick Haseldine on Facebook:

"I hate to have to say this but: I told you so. I'm a very thorough and conscientious researcher. I don't get it always right but mostly I do…"[2]

Olof Palme assassination

In March 2018, on Facebook, Michael Buergermeister wrote:

"From what I've been reading/watching/listening to it seems that Ollie North gave the order to P2 and the South Africans carried it out. Olof Palme knew too much about Iran-Contra. It seems that North spoke with him shortly before he died, which means that he most probably told him some secret stuff.
"The case has remarkable parallels to that of Terry Reed, who also knew too much and who was very nearly silenced. What they (North, Bush etc.) couldn't afford to be made public was that Bill Clinton was a key player in the game. This would have made his presidency impossible.
"I haven't read Terry Reed's 'Compromised' yet but I have a vague memory of him saying in an interview that Ollie North, with whom he dealt personally, gave the order to kill Palme."[3]


In March 2018, on Facebook, Michael Buergermeister wrote:

"The reason they bumped off Barry Seal was because he had a video of the Bush brothers picking up large quantities of cocaine for a party, which would have made their political careers also an impossibility. The genius of the management of the "Iran-Contra" scandal was the name. Properly speaking it should have been: "Bush, Clinton, Contra".[4]

Jared Kushner

In April 2017, on Facebook, Michael Buergermeister asked:

Does Jared Kushner work for Mossad?[5]
Is he as influential as many think?
Is Mossad de facto running American foreign policy?
Is Kushner behind the Tomahawk attacks on Syria? This might sound like a soap opera but unfortunately it might also happen to be true.
Who benefited from the Tomahawk attacks? Israel/ISIS. The attacks were on an airbase responsible for knocking an Israeli plane out of the sky. The airbase is also a thorn in the side for ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service). It is such a thorn in the side that ISIS launched an attack timed to coincide with the Tomahawk attack.
Coincidence? Probably not. Israel could also be behind the gas attack. This is by no means improbable; it is right now impossible to know for sure. The soap opera of the Trump presidency continues...[6]

W H Auden

Michael Buergermeister's film: "Wystan, The Life, Love and Death of a Poet"

Michael Buergermeister's documentary film about W H Auden "Wystan: The Life, Love and Death of a Poet" was premiered on 22 November 2013 at the Blue Boar Theatre, Christ Church, Oxford.[7]

Published on 14 February 2016, Buergermeister's book "W. H. Auden, The Life and Love of a Poet" is a series of interviews with friends and family and provides a unique, fascinating and invaluable insight into the private world of W H Auden. It is of interest both to scholars and general readers and deals with themes as varied as: sex, love, religion, ideas, poetry, craft and art. The work is essentially a prose poem. The members of the "chamber orchestra", the voices in the book: Amerigo Franchetti, Lord Gowrie, Rita & Anita Auden, Matthew Spender and Thekla Clark, are perspicacious, wise, and brilliant. They not only provide one with stimulating and rich food for thought, they are also a pleasure to listen to in their own right.[8]


Michael Buergermeister's books include:


Documents by Michael Buergermeister

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Conspiracy Theory meets Conspiracy FactArticle1 April 2020Police state
"Conspiracy theory"
Big pharma
This is all merely a bad dream, merely a dystopian nightmare. This has nothing to do with reality.
Document:The Big Picture, Easter 2020Facebook post12 April 2020The Establishment
Bill Gates
The aim of the lockdown seems to be threefold: to destroy the economy, distract attention from the introduction of 5G and to terrorise the populace into accepting voluntary vaccination, which would be its death knell.
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