Mikhail Khordokovsky

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Mikhail Khordokovsky is an Askhenazi Russian Oligarch.

In the 1990's he became heavily involved in Russian money laundering and Yukos Oil. After the Second Chechen War, Vladimir Putin started to reign in the oligarchs in order to stop the decline of living standards. Unlike most, Khordokovsky did not play nice. This lead to his prosecution and imprisonment in the Russian Federation for Corruption.

This provoked outrage in the transnational mafia community, and Khordokovsky connected with the Ashkenazi-Mafia circles based in Las Vegas and Chicago. In 2005, the US Senate passed S.R. 322 (a number reflective of the Skull and Bones Society) co-sponsored by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and John McCain. All three politicians were fronts for Mafia circles backed by the Russian Oligarchs, and the 2008 Presidential election was, in fact, a farce and front for the Crown family of Chicago along with the Pritzkers.

Khordokovsky then gave his shares in Yukos Oil to Jacob Rothschild of the Rothchild dynasty.

Using the EB-5 buy-a-visa program, Khordokovsky emigrated to the United States where he re-invented himself as a faux human-rights campaigner backing the Magnitsky Act and Bill Browder. This was a United States law that sought to impose sanctions on Russian Government Reformers for punishing the mafia circles surrounding Khordokovsky.