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Date2014/07/15 01:00:00 AM - 2014/07/17 01:00:00 AM
DescriptionMilitary Situation report for the MH17 area
MH17 track/crash-site overlaid onto ATO (Anti Terrorist Organisation) map from the Organization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, issued 07/16/2014. Most of the land between the fighting around Snizhne and the Russian border was, at the time of MH17, under the control of Ukrainian Forces.

Examples of Ukrainian Forces active in the "area controlled by pro-Russian separatists", leading up to and including the 17th July 2014/

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Additional plot points from Igor Strelkov and Militia Briefings, July 14-16, 2014 and Russian_military_info_revealed / Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash - Moscow


Losses in Donetsk and the Lugansk regions (for the period from July 9-15, 2014)

Losses: Ukrainian Militia
Killed in Action 1600 48
Wounded in Action 4723 64
Tanks 35 2
Armoured Battle Vehicles 96 0
Artillery 38 5
Aircraft 7 n/a
Helicopters 2 n/a
Automobiles 104 8

Arsen Avakov (Minister of Interior) and V. Gritsak (Head of the ATO)[1]


The airport had been under Kiev control since 14 Jul when Ukraine forces had ended a rebel blockade.[2]


Ukrainian forces and rebels had been battling in the Shakhtarsk area for several days but the town was still in rebel hands. [3] [4]


DPR-affiliated insurgents launched an offensive on neighbouring government-controlled Marynivka (47.90484,38.84162) from village of Stepanivka (47.92478,38.80076) and Savur-Mohyla/Savur-Mogila/Saur-Mogila/Savur-Mogila on 16 July.[5]Marynivka is a border town located in the southern Donetsk Oblast. Its position on the border made control of it important to maintaining insurgent supply-lines. Insurgents launched an offensive on National Guard of Ukraine positions in the town on 16 July, after breaking through encirclement by government forces in neighbouring Stepanivka. Two days after the downing of a government An-26 transport plane, Ukrainian warplanes had been given the go-ahead to resume flights over the east, Lysenko said. Kiev says it believes the transporter was hit by a missile fired from Russia. A separate SU-25 fighter plane was hit by a rebel rocket on the 16th, but the pilot made a successful emergency landing and there was only slight damage to the aircraft, the defence ministry said. No-one was hurt. [6] Fighting also spread to the nearby village of Tarany (47.88782,38.78399).[7]During this offensive, the insurgents used tanks, mortars, and anti-tank missiles against government forces. Insurgents shelled Marynivka until the National Guard was able to repel their offensive and force them to retreat to Stepanivka.[8] Later on, the insurgents said that had recaptured Marynivka. [9] Insurgent spokesman Sergei Kavtaradze said that fifteen insurgents had one insurgent had been killed, while fifteen were injured. Insurgent commander Igor Girkin said that DPR insurgents destroyed two Ukrainian armoured vehicles and captured one.[10] Large numbers of Ukrainian troops, trapped near Saur Mogila, were reportedly attempting to fight their way out of the encirclement.[11] Ukrainian forces came under continued attack by the insurgents in Marynivka, despite managing to hold onto control of it on 16 July. On the day after the first insurgent offensive, government forces repelled another four attacks, and destroyed three tanks, two armoured personnel carriers, and two other combat vehicles.[12]

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