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(businessman, financier)
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Born28 October 1956
"17 July 1996"
Cause of death
"TWA Flight 800"
Victim ofpremature death
Mohammed Samir Ferrat was reportedly killed aboard Flight TWA 800. He was a colleague of Ron Brown who had died 3 months earlier in another suspicious plane crash. Prior to the flight his business was in financial difficulties and he had taken more that one multiple life insurance policies and borrowed heavily from would be investors in Ivory Coast and Switzerland.

Mohammed Samir Ferrat was a wealthy Algerian businessman and financier who was killed on July 17, 1996 aboard TWA flight 800. He was known to Ron Brown, the US Commerce Secretary killed in a plane crash in April 1996 while being investigated for corruption.[1]

Offical narrative

Wikipedia had a page on Mohamed Samir Ferrat as of December 2005,[2] but it was deleted by Wikipedia User Maxim on 15 March 2009 as being not notable.[3]


Ferrat was involved with SOFINSA a Swiss-based finance firm, as well as Fairfax, Virginia-based Chadwick International, an exporter of modular homes to third world countries.

A film for Swiss TV that suggests that before the flight, Ferrat was in financial difficulties, not paying much attention to his business, except for collecting money from a wide range of investors. It states that at least one of his life insurers did not pay out due to concerns that the events of Flight TWA 800 may not have been a simple as presented.


Mohamed Samir Ferrat was reportedly on board TWA flight 800, although according to a New York Times report, "a T.W.A. employee in the United States initially told his family he had not been on the plane."[1]

Ron Brown connection

US Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown went with Ferrat to a trade mission to the Ivory Coast, but whether they had known each other before this, or remained in contact afterwards, is uncertain. According to a CNN international report, Ferrat was scheduled to accompany Ron Brown on the trade mission to Bosnia, but withdrew at the last moment for reasons still unclear.[4][5] The claim that Ferrat was scheduled to fly on the plane that killed Ron Brown has been denied by George S. Henderson, Jr CEO of Chadwick International, who says he was the one scheduled to fly, but backed out.[6]

Full article: 1996 Croatia USAF CT-43 crash

Life Insurance

The Guardian is quoted as reporting on May 27, 1998 that a Swiss lawyer, Gerald Page, stated on Swiss TV that Ferrat took out millions of dollars worth of life insurance in the weeks before his death.[7] He is also rumoured to have transferred millions of dollars into family bank accounts.[8]


Related Quotation

TWA Flight 800“Police are investigating the possibility that insurance fraud by a Swiss resident listed among the 230 people killed in the TWA Flight 800 explosion might have been behind the disaster, Swiss television reported last night. Swiss authorities have been investigating Algerian-born Mohammed Samir Ferrat, for 18 months, the report said... A Geneva lawyer, Gerald Page, alleged in an interview for the Swiss television report that Ferrat took out life insurance policies worth several million Swiss francs in the weeks before the plane crashed in July 1996, half an hour after taking off from New York... On August 19, a month after the crash, the local medical examiner in Suffolk County - in whose jurisdiction the disaster occurred - declared that Mohammed Ferrat had been positively identified as a dead passenger from TWA Flight 800. US investigators counted him out as a suspect early... The report showed footage of the late US commerce secretary, Ron Brown, at the Washington signing with Ferrat of a pounds 62.5 million contract between Sofin and the US construction firm Chatwick Inc, which was to build residences in the Ivory Coast.”27 May 1998