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Named as an outlet of "Fake News" by the spooky Propornot.

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Owner: Mike Adams

Main focus: health, food, vaccines, mental health, depression, big pharma

Natural News is a regular critic of GMOs and vaccines, and promotes alternatives to pharmaceuticals, such as herbal remedies.


Mike Adams


On 4 April 2019 Mike Adams reported that Natural News had been "de-platformed by Twitter, YouTube and Google, with 99% shadowbanning on Facebook".[1] It was completely banned by Facebook 2 months later.[2]

In February 2021, CNN published what Natural News termed a "“hatchet job” on us."[3]


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As of 2017, around 50% of its readership was in USA and it was in the top 5000 websites in that country. On 5 April 2019, it ranked 5700 in US and 17227 worldwide.[4]