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Main focus: Asia

New Eastern Outlook


Documents sourced from New Eastern Outlook

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:A Mafia Don with a PompadourarticleDonald Trump
20 March 2016William EngdahlThere are two possible conclusions to draw about the billionaire Mafia Don: either Donald Trump didn't know - or else he was fully aware - that his business associates were involved with the US Mafia. Either way, Trump is not fit to occupy "the most powerful office on Earth."
Document:Canada Takes A Hostage: Free Meng WanzhouArticleIran
Donald Trump
Pierre Trudeau
Justin Trudeau
Xi Jinping
Meng Wanzhou
John Bolton
8 December 2018Christopher BlackCanadians should be angry about these traitors isolating Canada from China, from Russia, from Iran and their great cultures, and condemning Canada to be nothing more than an outpost of the American empire. For traitors they are as they betray the Canadian people by serving the interests of the Americans and their war machine. Free Meng Wanzhou, for so long as she is held hostage, so are we all.
Document:Hong Kong's Identity CrisisarticleHong Kong
Occupy Central
Colour revolution
9 October 2014Ulson GunnarThe "Occupy Central" movement in Hong Kong seek to harness popular disaffection, especially among the young, but its leaders represent colonial collaborators who cannot accept the return of Hong Kong to China, nor imagine life other than as cogs in an Anglo-American world order.
Document:Is Oil Behind Washington’s Venezuela Coup MadnessArticleCIA
National Endowment for Democracy
Donald Trump
Mike Pence
Nicolás Maduro
Juan Guaidó
John Bolton
3 February 2019William EngdahlLeaving aside whether or not Maduro is a saint, the decision by President Trump to back the Bolton-Pence call for a US intervention in Venezuela may prove a fatal error for the Trump presidency.
Document:MH17 And Other Traps To AvoidarticleMalaysia Airlines Flight 1725 August 2015Christopher BlackA follow-up to the author's article of 2 August 2015 on the same subject. The continuing propaganda and barefaced dishonesty of western politicians and media over the tragedy of MH17
Document:North Korea - The Grand Deception RevealedarticleNorth Korea
South Korea
US Military
10 March 2017Christopher BlackPost-WWII Korean history and the relentless demonisation of North Korea by the US.
Document:On Naval Blockades and A Hard Days WarArticleNATO
United States Second Fleet
11 October 2018Christopher BlackThe NATO leadership are in love with war. They enjoy frightening people. They enjoy the killing. It gives them a thrill talking about it when they sit down in their comfortable chairs and have their cocktails after a hard days war.
Document:Raqqa: A City Laid Waste, The Law Laid LowArticleFrance
International Criminal Court
Karen Pierce
International, Impartial, Independent Mechanism
2 November 2018Christopher BlackIn June 2017, the US-led coalition - including France and the UK - launched a military operation to force the Islamic State armed group from Raqqa. But instead of only targeting IS, we killed hundreds and injured thousands of civilians, while obliterating much of the city.
Document:The Lima Group: International OutlawsArticleVenezuela
Chrystia Freeland
Nicolás Maduro
Lima Group
4 February 2019Christopher BlackCanada takes the lead in the aggression against Venezuela on Monday 4 February 2019 when it hosts a meeting in Ottawa of a group of international war crime conspirators, known as the Lima Group, a group of Latin American and Caribbean lackeys of the United States, including Mexico and Canada which was set up by the United States at a meeting in Lima, Peru on 8 August 2017 with the express purpose of overthrowing President Maduro.
Document:The Stench of Imperialism: The Statement of Theresa MayArticleTheresa May
Douma attack
2018 missile strikes against Syria
20 April 2018Christopher BlackBritish Prime Minister Lies to the Nation on Friday 13 April 2018
Document:US Nuclear Policy Review: The World Is Our EnemyArticleNorth Korea
Nuclear Posture Review
8 February 2018Christopher Black“We (the United States) will keep you guessing as to when and against whom we will use them (nuclear weapons). We will maintain our role as the greatest state terrorist by keeping the nuclear Damocles sword over the heads of the people of the world constantly to ensure that the world acts in our interest.”
Document:Verdict First, Evidence Later: Khan Sheikhoun Gas AttackarticleIsraeli–Palestinian conflict
Golan Heights
White Helmets
Khan Sheikhun
11 April 2017James O'NeillThree days before the tragedy at Khan Sheikhoun a convoy of TOW (Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided) missiles, gas masks for up to 2000 persons and chemical warfare suits from Saudi Arabian stockpiles left Hatay in Turkey for Idlib in Syria where al Nusra are in control.
Document:Who has Committed the Recent Gas Attack in SyriaArticleAl-Qaeda
Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Al-Nusra Front
Golan Heights
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
Khan Sheikhun
Eva Bartlett
6 April 2017Jean PérierThe plan to incriminate the Syrian government for the use of chemical weapons was finalised at a meeting in an Israeli army camp deep inside the occupied territory of the Golan Heights attended by leaders of a number of terrorist groups sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Israel, France, UK and the United States.


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