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(spook?, censor, deep state operative)
The Mary Poppins of disinformation.jpg
Born10 March 1989
Alma materGeorgetown University, Bryn Mawr College
Member ofDisinfoPortal, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/UK/Inner Core
Interests • “Russian Propaganda”
• fake news
• Ukraine
"The Mary Poppins of disinformation", Integrity Initiative's Inner Core picked to be the nominal head of a US DoDS internet censorship project in 2022 but resigned after widespread condemnation.

Nina Jancowicz is a deep state operative, who was exposed by the Integrity Initiative leak as a member of the Integrity Initiative's Inner Core cluster. A TikTok video she posted earned her the nickname "Scary Poppins".[1]


She was picked to head a US Department of Homeland Security internet censorship project in 2022, which faced stiff opposition, who pointed out her evidently fauly track record and distinguishing truth from lies.[1]

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