Nuclear disarmament

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Interest of• Coalition for Peace Through Security
• Coalition for Peace Through Strength
The removal of nuclear weapons, a topic which alarmed the MICC. Deep state groups, especially Le Cercle, The 61 and the ASC started groups to oppose this idea.

Nuclear disarmament is the removal of nuclear weapons.


The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), set up in 1957, experienced a surge of support in UK in the early 1980s. The BBC film Secret Society exposed how dirty (and illegal) tricks were used to oppose the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. After intervention from the Thatcher government, it has never been shown on UK television, but it has found its was on to YouTube.[1]


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The MICC/Cercle complex set up groups to oppose calls for nuclear disarmament. In the USA in 1978, the American Security Council set up the Coalition for Peace Through Strength. In the UK, in 1981, two members of Le Cercle and The 61 set up the Coalition for Peace Through Security, which had the support of Margaret Thatcher and was run out of Whitehall.