Operation Atlas Strike 21

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Event.png "“Climate change/Flood”"
Operation Atlas Strike 21 (Weather conditions,  False flag?,  Deep event?,  Psy-Op?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Canadian crises
LocationBritish Columbia,  Canada,  Washington State,  US
PerpetratorsCanada/Deep state?, HAARP?, Geoengineering?
Blamed on“Climate change”
Injured (non-fatal)?"?" is not a number.
DescriptionA possible covert operation to detonate military explosives that were labelled "Operation Atlas Strike 21", in order to destroy the transcontinental highway and rail systems in British Columbia under the plausible deniability cover of seemingly natural November mudslides and flooding.

Operation Atlas Strike 21 has been argued to be the name of a 2021 Canadian covert operation which detonated military explosives to cause more destruction in a natural desaster zone. Alternatively, this could be a psychological operation, steered through rumors on social media.


A comment on Facebook.

At one point[When?] social media accounts started to claim that extermely severe wheather conditions were engineered and landslides were caused by military explosives, which were seen to be delivered or deployed in the summer of 2021, and whose crates/packaging was labelled "Operation Atlas Strike 21".

Official Narrative

Wikipedia writes:

The 2021 Pacific Northwest floods comprise a series of floods that affected British Columbia, Canada, and parts of neighboring Washington state in the United States. The flooding along with numerous mass wasting events was caused by an atmospheric river which brought heavy rain to parts of southern British Columbia and northwestern United States. The natural disaster has prompted a state of emergency for the province of British Columbia.

Of particular concern in southern British Columbia was the severe short-term and long-term disruption of the transportation corridor linking the coastal city of Vancouver, Canada's largest port, to the Fraser Valley, the rest of British Columbia and the rest of Canada. The Fraser Valley, which is heavily populated, is responsible for most of the agricultural production in the province, with limited ability to feed livestock in the absence of rail service. The Fraser Valley was particularly hard hit, as all major routes westward to Vancouver and eastward toward Alberta were impacted. Alternative routes into northern BC and southbound into Washington state are limited by the mountainous topography. The heavily used rail links of the Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) were both disrupted, as well as all highways that connect the Lower Mainland with the rest of the province.


Ice Age Farmer - Port of Vancouver CLOSES as BC flooding damages rail & roads (Nov 17, 2021)[1] - Canada’s largest port by far, the port of Vancouver, has closed, as have the rails and highways connecting it to Canada, after being severely damaged in the flooding in an “atmospheric river” event. The deep water port is responsible for 1/3 of Canadian imports and exports, meaning the grains that the world so badly needs from Canada are not able to get out. And the overflow of goods from other congested North American ports are now wholly unable to get in. Christian explains why this is not just a local catastrophe, but a worldwide one, in this Ice Age Farmer report.

One accident is a problem, two accidents a coincidence, but all this destruction conveniently takes out multiple western rail and roads access to Canada's prairies, "the world's bread basket", in a manner suspiciously similar to the Suez Canal blockage earlier the same year.

The result of this likely manufactured crisis operation could be that Canada's supply chain networks are catastrophically destroyed compounding the intentionally engineered worldwide economic disaster by the global COVID-19 hysteria and lockdown overreaction that has decimated all networks, industry, small businesses, families, and individuals, with more power going to the corporatocracy and the ruling class.

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The Official Culprit

"Climate change"the dogma that rise in CO2 levels correspond to a (as of yet non-significant) rise in temperature and that the world is ahead of an apocalyptic disaster