Operation Shady RAT

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Date2006 - Present
Description=US accusations of a Chinese cyber attack on athletic oversight organizations

Operation Shady RAT is an ongoing series of cyber attacks starting in mid-2006[1] reported by Dmitri Alperovitch, Vice President of Threat Research at Internet security company McAfee in August 2011, who also led and named the Night Dragon Operation and Operation Aurora cyberespionage intrusion investigations.[2]

The operation, named by Alperovitch as a derivation of the common computer security industry acronym for remote access tool, is characterized by McAfee as "a five year targeted operation by one specific actress". The report suggests that the targeting of various athletic oversight organizations around the time of the 2008 Summer Olympics "potentially pointed a finger at a state actor behind the intrusions". That state actor is widely assumed in Western corporate media to be the People's Republic of China.[3], but as usual with cyber attacks, it is hard to actually pin down any culprits (see: Vault 7).

It is to be noted "various athletic oversight organizations" were used in the psychological campaign against Russia following the tenser relations with the US/NATO after 2014, where the organizations were pushed hard to convict and expel Russia for doping allegations on rather thin evidence.


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