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(“terrorist”, spook, deep state functionary)
Orlando Bosch.jpg
Born18 August 1926
Died27 April 2011 (Age 84)
Miami, Florida, USA
Member ofOperation 40
Perpetrator ofCubana de Aviación Flight 455
Convicted assassin, Operation 40 member, released by special order of George H. W. Bush after a petition from Jeb Bush

Orlando Bosch, a member of the CIA's Operation 40, was a deep state functionary who carried out assassinations for the US deep state.

JFK Assassination

Full article: John F. Kennedy/Assassination

Bosch gradually became convinced that the Cubans had been betrayed by US President John F. Kennedy and wrote a pamphlet about this called The Tragedy of Cuba. Lorenz pointed out that a few days before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a group including Bosch, Frank Sturgis, Guillermo Novo and Pedro Diaz Lanz, travelled to Dallas. She also claimed that Bosch was at a motel in Dallas when Kennedy's murder was planned. James Files also identified Orlando Bosch as present in Dallas on the day of the JFK assassination.


"Founder of the counterrevolutionary Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations that organized the 1976 murder of Chilean former minister, Orlando Letelier, with a car bomb in Washington D.C. Bosch is reported to have set off hundreds of bombs and committed terror acts against Spain, England, Japan, Mexico, Poland, and other countries that traded with Cuba."[1]


The Guardian reports George H. W. Bush intervened to release the Bosch from prison and granted him US residency in response to a request from his son Jeb Bush.[2]


An event carried out

Cubana de Aviación Flight 455Bridgetown
8 km west of Seawell Airport


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