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(special forces, “terror expert”, spook)
Born13 April 1946
French spook

Paul Barril is a former officer of the French Gendarmerie Nationale. He authored several books about his military career that touched sensitive political subjects of the Mitterrand era. He is at times mentioned as the protégée of Francois de Grossouvre".[1]


He was the second officer of the GIGN Special Forces from 1974 to 1982, and created the counterterrorist cell of the Élysée. Since then, he has led several private security companies. In late 1979, he was dispatched to Saudi Arabia to help the Saudi government quell the Grand Mosque Seizure, an uprising at Islam's holiest shrine in Mecca that was led by fundamentalist Juhayman al-Otaibi.

Private security business

After the "Irishmen from Vincennes" affair in 1984, in which he was involved, Barril created the company Epsylon in Paris. He also leads a company called SECRETS (in English "Society for Study, Design and Implementation of Technical Security Equipment") which offers security interventions in foreign countries.[2]


Barril was involved in Rwanda during the first half of the 90s. He went to Kigali right after the plane of the president Juvénal Habyarimana was shot down, as the genocide started. Barril stated that he acted as a councilor to Habyarimana. He was contacted in 1989 for a reorganisation of the Rwandan intelligence services.[3] Other sources refer to an audit of the Rwandan army in 1990.[4]

Barril was also present in Kigali on 7 and 27 April 1994.[5] Rumour has it that after Juvénal Habyarimana was assassinated, his widow, Agathe Habyarimana, hired Barril, via his SECRETS company,[citation needed] to investigate the case. Barril declared to journalists of Le Monde and France 2 that he was in possession of the black boxes of the plane and promoted the thesis that the Rwandan Patriotic Front, led by the Tutsi Paul Kagame, was involved in the attack.[6] At the same time, on 20 May 1994, Barril was hired by the Hutu temporary government to recover a US$1.65 million payment made for canceled weapon imports.[7]


A Quote by Paul Barril

Alexander Zakharchenko“I know who killed Alexander Zakharchenko in Donetsk. This was done by the 3rd Special Operations Regiment of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. Training was provided by US instructors at the Khmelnitsky Training Centre, one of their bases in Ukraine. [...] They hid a tiny smart bomb above the entrance in the lobby, undetected by sniffer dogs. When the leader walked in, the bomb was activated from a long distance and exploded. [...] The CIA and Green Berets have the world’s most advanced boobytraps, and the one in the “Separ” restaurant is a “signature” British or American job.”


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