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LocationSouth America
LeaderPresident of Peru
Typenation state
Member ofAPEC, International Criminal Court, Organisation of American States, UN
Peru/Prime Minister
Peru/Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Nation state in South America with cocaine growing capacity used by the SDS

Peru is a nation state in South America.



In December 2022 Dina Boluarte assumed power in a coup d’état after former President Pedro Castillo was impeached. The day before the coup d’état overthrowing Castillo, the US ambassador to Peru, Lisa Kenna, met with Gustavo Bobbio Rosas, Peru's defense minister. "Kenna is a CIA veteran and worked with embassies in former tank commander Mike Pompeo's state department. Her state department bio does not mention nine years spent at the CIA."[1]

Violent protests occurred in the country soon after.[2]


Peru instigated one of the world's first COVID-19 lockdowns, nominally in response to COVID-19. Starting on March 16, it was also one of the strictest and longest. By August 2020 the nation had one of the world's highest death reported death rates from COVID-19.[3][4]

Alberto Fujimori's CIA-backed narco-kleptocracy

In 1990, Alberto Fujimori was elected president of Peru. His election was a shocking event for serious political analysts. Fujimori could never have won without the backing of Peruvian lawyer (and CIA spook) Vladimiro Montesinos, who provided funding and media exposure to secure Fujimori's victory. Fujimori's kleptocracy ranks #7 on the Wikipedia's list. He later fled to Japan but was arrested in Chile and extradited.[5] After the fall of Fujimori's government, the country had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address the massive corruption and the mass killings carried out by both the government and resistance to it. This reported that 69,280 people were killed between 1980 and 2000.[6]



Peru/Truth and Reconciliation CommissionAn attempt to restore a functioning and non-criminal government to Peru. Reported that 69,280 people were killed between 1980 and 2000.


Party Member

Alberto Fujimori28 July 1938


Citizens of Peru on Wikispooks

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar19 January 19204 March 2020Peruvian diplomat
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski3 October 1938Bankster who attended the 1988 Bilderberg as an ex Peruvian Minister of Energy and Mines. Later President of Peru. Resigned after certain videos were released.
Mario Vargas Llosa28 March 1936Nobel Prize winner in Literature and neoliberal champion
Vladimiro MontesinosA spook who established Peru as a narco-state to supply cocaine to the cabal
Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne28 December 1943
Martín VizcarraPresident of Peru impeached in November 2020 on grounds of "permanent moral incapacity"
Enrique Zileri4 June 193124 August 2014
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