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(doctor, medical dissident)
Born26 November 1949
Alma materUniversity of Copenhagen, Lund University

Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration, and established the Nordic Cochrane Centre in 1993.[1][2]

His membership in Cochrane was terminated by its Governing Board of Trustees on 25 September 2018.[3]

Bribery is routine and involves large amounts of money. Almost every type of person who can affect the interests of the industry has been bribed: doctors, hospital administrators, cabinet ministers, health inspectors, customs officers, tax assessors, drug registration officials, factory inspectors, pricing officials and political parties. In Latin America, posts as ministers of health are avidly sought, as these ministers are almost invariably rich with wealth coming from the drug industry. In the beginning of this chapter, I asked the question whether we are seeing a lone bad apple now and then, or whether pretty much the whole basket is rotten. What we are seeing is organised crime in an industry that is completely rotten.”
Peter Gøtzsche (2013)  [4]


A Quote by Peter Gøtzsche

"Safe and Effective"“Drug companies never talk about the benefits and harms of their drugs but about their efficacy and safety. Words create what they describe and the preferred semantic is seductive. It makes you think it can only be good for you to take drugs, as they are both efficacious and safe. Another reason why patients and doctors generally trust their drugs as being both efficacious and safe is that they think they have been carefully tested by the drug industry and carefully scrutinised by the drug regulatory agencies using high standards before they are allowed on the market.
It is the other way round.”
2013Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime


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