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DiedFebruary 21, 2020 (Age 72)
Plymouth, California
Cause of death
Victim ofassassination
A DOHS whistleblower who suddenly died in February 2020

Philip Haney was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security[1][2] and reportedly contacted for a return.[3] At the end of the Obama administration he blew the whistle on the DoHS after he was told to delete the records of people with ties to designated "Islamic terrorist" groups.[4]

He was reported missing since 19 February 2020 and reported dead on 21 February.[5][6] Sara A. Carter of Fox News called the death on February 22nd a killing on her Twitter account.[7]


Haney was a one-time guest[8] on Coast to Coast AM where it was discussed that: “(He) was ordered by the DHS to alter or modify information because it was not politically correct. The problem with Saudi Arabia in relation to terrorism, said Haney, is that the country supports Islamic schools called madrasas in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. They send Saudi males there to be educated in Koranic theology and other Islamic texts, and these schools often function as a breeding ground for terrorist organizations” [9]

Sudden death

People close to him apparently do not believe that it was a suicide.[10] "He warned something could happen to him." according to Jan Markell in a now deleted tweet.[11]


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