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(academic, journalist)
Member ofLe Cercle

Philip Vander Elst is a freelance writer and lecturer who spent nearly 30 years in politics and journalism, and is now a colleague of Richard Cunningham’s at Areopagus Ministries.


He obtained a degree in Philosophy and Politics at Oxford University, where he was also an officer of the Oxford Union Debating Society.


He worked at the Centre for Policy Studies, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and edited the political journal Freedom Today. He has written widely on political, philosophical, economic and religious subjects for papers on both sides of the Atlantic and has been a visiting lecturer at many American universities and colleges. He has contributed to numerous publications, including The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, Political Quarterly, American Spectator, and Human Events. He is author of the IEA monograph Capitalist Technology for Soviet Survival.

Deep political connections

He attended Le Cercle in 1983.


His publications include: Idealism Without Illusions: A Foreign Policy for Freedom (Freedom Association, 1989), Resisting Leviathan: the Case Against a European State (Claridge Press, 1991); C.S. Lewis: Thinker of Our Time (Claridge Press, 1996); The Principles of British Foreign Policy (Bruges Group, 1997), and Libertarianism, A Christian Critique (Christian Institute, 2003). Candidate for the UK Independence Party in 2009. Columnist Bruges Group.


Event Participated in

Le Cercle/1983 (Bonn)30 June 19833 July 1983Germany


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