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FormationNovember 1995
Headquarters22 Charing Cross Road, London
Typethink tank

Politeia is a British think tank established in November 1995 that generally supports free-market based initiatives.

Its patron is George Robinson and its director is Dr. Sheila Lawlor. Among those on its advisory council include Professor Tim Congdon, Professor David Dilks, Dr. Oliver Letwin MP, Francis Maude MP, David Willetts MP. Maurice Cowling was also on the advisory council.

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Senior Executives

Sheila Lawlor, Director | George Robinson, Patron | Oliver Letwin, President[1]

Westminster Advisory Council

Vince Cable | Frank Field | Michael Gove | John McFall[2]

Academic Advisory Council

Tim Congdon | David Dilks | Harold James | Deepak Lal | David Willetts[3]

Consultant Directors

Richard Harris | Richard Ehrman[4]

Founder Directors

Maurice Cowling (died August 2005) | Sheila Lawlor Revd Canon | Lord Pilkington[5]



  • Booms, Busts and Fiscal Policy: Public Finances in the Future, Ludger Schuknecht, November 2009
  • Crisis Management? How Britain's Banks Should Face the Future, David B. Smith, October 2009
  • A Prosperous New Year? Politeia’s New Year’s Message, Norman Lamont & Vito Tanzi, January 2009
  • Regulating for the New Economic Order: The Good, the Bad and the Damaging, Vito Tanzi, October 2008
  • Banking on Stability: A Formula for Economic Success, Edward George, September 2008
  • Taxes in a Global Economy: Efficiency, Fairness and Incentives, Irwin Stelzer, May 2008
  • Sleeping Beauty: Awakening the American Dream, Maurice Saatchi, July 2007
  • Taxing Matters: Moving the UK from Predator State to Global Economy, Deepak Lal, March 2007
  • The Limits to Tax: Efficiency, Equity and International Competition, Irwin Stelzer, December 2006
  • Death of an Illusion? Decline and Fall of High Tax Economics, Vito Tanzi, November 2006
  • At a Price! The True Cost of Public Spending, Allister Heath & David B. Smith, April 2006
  • Good for the Public! Competition, technology and the shrinking state, Irwin Stelzer, February 2006
  • Reforming Public Spending: Great Gain, Little Pain, Ludger Schuknecht & Vito Tanzi, December 2005
  • For Better, or For Worse? The Economic Record of the Labour Government, Warwick Lightfoot, July 2005
  • A lower tax future, Vito Tanzi, November 2004
  • Auditing the New Deal: What Figures for the Future?, Oliver Heald & Mark Waldron, May 2004
  • Towards a Low-Tax Welfare State, Tim Congdon, January 2002
  • Labour’s Return to Tax and Spend: The Economic Record of the Labour Government, Warwick Lightfoot, April 2001
  • Public Rags or Private Riches? High Public Spending Makes us Poor, David B. Smith, January 2001
  • European Tax Harmonization and British Taxes, Tim Congdon, May 1999
  • Banking on Change: Independence, Regulation and the Bank of England, David Gowland, June 1997
  • Global Opportunities: Liberalising World Trade and Labour Markets, Harold James, January 1997


  • Teachers Matter: Recruitment, Employment and Retention at Home and Abroad, The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, David Burghes, John Howson, John Marenbon, John O’Leary & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor, July 2009
  • Teaching Matters: The Recruitment, Employment and Retention of Teachers, The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, David Burghes, Bob Moon, John O’Leary, Alan Smithers & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor, July 2007
  • Aspire Ever Higher: University Policy for the 21st Century, Boris Johnson, June 2006
  • Comparing Standards: Teaching the Teachers. The Report of the Politeia Education Commission., David Burghes, John Marenbon, Bob Moon, Alan Smithers & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor, October 2004
  • How to Lower Schools Standards: Mike Tomlinson’s Modest Proposal, Chris Woodhead, July 2004
  • University Challenge: Freedom, Fees and Future Funding, John Marenbon, May 2004
  • Funding Failure: How Schools Pay For Success, Nicholas Boys Smith, Gabriel Stein & Adrian Butler, November 2003
  • A - Levels: Fiasco and Future, Sheila Lawlor, January 2003
  • Comparing Standards: Academic and Vocational, 16-19 Year Olds. The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, David Burghes, Herbert Lutz, John Marenbon, Shyam Patiar Sig Prais, Alan Smithers, Robert Tombs & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor, June 2002
  • Comparing Pre-School Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, Sig Prais, Caroline St John Brooks & Chris Woodhead, Edited by Sheila Lawlor, March 2002
  • A Free Schools Future, William Hague, December 2000
  • Comparing Standards: The Report of the Politeia Education Commission, Sig Prais, Caroline St. John Brooks, Chris Woodhead & Others, Edited by Sheila Lawlor, January 2000
  • From Beggars to Choosers: University Funding for the Future, Graham Hills, February 1999
  • The Many and the Few: Rhetoric and Reality in the Universities after Dearing, Leaders Series 2, September 1997
  • A Moral Maze: Government Values in Education, John Marenbon, December 1996


  • The Challenge of Ageing: Pension Reform, International Trends and Future Imperatives, Chris Daykin, June 2006
  • Providing for Pensions. Savings in a Free Society, Tim Congdon, July 2005
  • Saving Savings: How to Promote Personal Investment, Charles Jackson, January 2005
  • The Pensions Predicament: Means Testing, The Savings Trap and the Labour Market, Paul Thornton, Jonathan Gardner and Mike Orszag, December 2004
  • How Savings Damage Your Retirement, Frank Field, May 2003
  • Pension Systems: The EU and Accession Countries, Lessons for the UK, Chris Daykin, December 2002
  • Funding the Future: Problems in Pension Reform, Christopher Daykin, March 1998
  • Mounting Debts: The Coming European Pension Crisis, Gabriel Stein, March 1997
  • The Long Term View: Financing Care for the Elderly, Philip Booth, March 1996
  • Providing for Pensions, Peter Lilley, February 1996


  • Banking Benefit: Welfare Accounts for the Individual, Dennis Snower & Alessio Brown, February 2009
  • Working to Account? Social Security Without Dependency, Peter Birch Sørensen & Arij Lans Bovenberg, January 2008
  • Tax Credits: Do They Add Up?, David Willetts & Nicholas Hillman, April 2002
  • Welfare to Work – The New Deal: Maximising the Benefits, Hugh Sykes, 2001
  • Browned-off: What’s Wrong with Gordon Brown’s Social Policy?, David Willetts MP, March 2000
  • The Future of Welfare Reform, Frank Field, July 1998
  • Beveridge or Brown? Contribution and Redistribution: The Real Social Security Debate, Sheila Lawlor, July 1998
  • Working for Benefit, Hugh Sykes, May 1997


  • A Premium on Patients? Funding the Future NHS, Tony Hockley, March 2009
  • Policing Matters: Recruitment, Training and Motivation, A Howlett Bolton, A Burden, T Caplin, D Ramsbotham, K Rutherford & C Woodhead, edited by Sheila Lawlor, November 2005
  • Systems for Success: Models for Healthcare Reform, Sheila Lawlor, Georg Baum, Jean-Louis Beaud de Brive & Deepak Lal, February 2004
  • Criminal Negligence: How Current Policies Towards Crime, Policing and Punishment Fail the Nation, Robin Harris, July 2003
  • Second Opinion? Moving the NHS Monopoly to a Mixed System, Sheila Lawlor, December 2001
  • Premium on Health: A National Health Insurance Scheme, Deepak Lal, September 2001
  • Incapacity and Disability: Paying for the Consequences, Chris Daykin, October 2000
  • Caring for the Long term: Financing Provision for The Elderly, Philip Booth, May 2000
  • The Cost of Caring: The Economics of Providing for the Intellectually Disabled, Shane Kavanagh and Louis Opit, December 1998
  • Voluntarism and Charitable Giving in the Health Service, Angela Rumbold, July 1996


  • Safeguarding Sovereignty - A Bill for UK Constitutional Rights in the EU, Martin Howe, January 2010
  • Making Law? Parliament v The Charity Commission, Peter Luxton, June 2009
  • Restoring Parliamentary Authority: EU Laws and British Scrutiny, Theresa May & Nicholas Timothy, November 2007
  • Who Controls Britain’s Borders?, David Heathcoat-Amory, January 2007
  • Working in Harness: parliamentary government and the role of the Lords, Thomas Strathclyde, March 2005
  • Voting on the European Convention, Daniel Hannan, November 2004
  • Why Britain Needs a Foreign Policy, Robin Harris, June 2004
  • The EU Constitution: What it Means for Me, David Heathcoat-Amory, July 2003
  • Tackling Terrorism: The European Human Rights Convention and the Enemy Within, Martin Howe, February 2003
  • Answer the Question: Prime Ministerial Accountability and The Rule of Parliament, John Hayes, July 2000
  • Reforming Local Government: Accountability, Finance and Function, Gillian Shephard, December 1999
  • Britain and Europe: Choices for Change (joint publication with Global Britain), Bill Jamieson & Patrick Minford, November 1999
  • EMU and Globalization, Deepak Lal, September 1999
  • Allegiance: The Nation State, Parliament and Prosperity, Robert Cranborne, September 1999
  • Holding Our Judges to Account, Liam Fox, September 1999
  • Is European Integration Really the Friend of Free Trade?, James Forder, June 1999
  • The Coming Constitutional Crisis, Tim Hames, September 1998
  • A Little Local Difficulty: Mayors and Managers – American Models for Britain, Tim Hames, December 1997


  • Regulating Rail – For Whom Should Regulation Work?, Chris Bolt, June 2008
  • Reviving Rail – What Strategy for Success?, Chris Green, February 2008
  • Building More Homes, Richard Ehrman & Crispin Kelly, March 2003


  • Clear and Accountable? Institutions for Defence and Security, Robert Salisbury, Douglas Slater & A. Buckerfield de la Roche, June 2009
  • Forever Enslaved? Female Dependency and the State, Sheila Lawlor, July 2006
  • ABC: A Balance Constitution for the 21st Century, Martin Howe, January 2006
  • Crisis at Christmas: Predictable and Preventable?, John Bird MBE, December 2005
  • Let Freedom Prevail!, Liam Fox, June 2005
  • Mounting Costs: Regulation, Employment and the British Labour Market, Nicholas Boys Smith, July 2004
  • Conservative For The Future, Liam Fox, March 2004
  • A Balance for the Best: Towards Accountable and Responsible Local Government, John Redwood, April 2003
  • Retreat from the Streets, John Bird, December 2002
  • Conservative Debates: Liberty Under The Law, Oliver Letwin, John Marenbon & Martin Howe, October 2002
  • The Conservative Party and the New Age, Robert Cranbourne, July 2001
  • No Third Way: Interfering Government and its Cost to Business, Nicholas Boys Smith, February 2001
  • What Tories Want, Simon Heffer, April 2000
  • Conservative Debates, Oliver Letwin & John Marenbon, June 1999
  • Dilemmas of Decommisioning, Kirsten E. Schulze & M.L.R. Smith, March 1999
  • The End of the Era of Representative Democracy?, Robert Cranborne, October 1998
  • Playing at Politics: First-Time Voting in the 1997 UK General Election, Una McCormack, June 1998
  • The Chain of Authority, Robert Cranborne, November 1997
  • The Dominance of Centrism and the Politics of Certainty, Leaders Series 1, July 1997
  • A Conservative Future, Maurice Cowling, July 1997
  • The Individual, The Constitution and the Tory Party, Robert Cranborne, December 1996
  • What Future Local Authority Social Services?, Stephen Dorrell, November 1996
  • A Question of Standards: Raising Standards by Choice, Robert Skidelsky, September 1996
  • Answering the Challenge of Communitarianism, John Marenbon, May 1996
  • Question of Standards: The Need for a Local Democratic Vote, Tim Brighouse, April 1996
  • Unfinished Business: The Economic Case for a More Liberal Labour Market, Warwick Lightfoot, January 1996
  • A Question of Standards: Finding a Balance, Chris Woodhead, December 1995
  • Liberal Conservatism: The Tradition of Small Governemnt, Sheila Lawlor, November 1995


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