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Publication.png Politiken 
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Publication date1884
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Liberal Danish newspaper with high Bilderberg attendance.

Politiken is a leading Danish daily broadsheet newspaper, published in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1884 and played a role in the formation of the Danish Social Liberal Party. Since 1970 it has been independent of the party but maintains a liberal stance. In 2021, Peter Bartram, the former Danish Chief of Defence, became chairman of the parent company.

JP/Politikens Hus

Since 1 January 2003 JP/Politikens Hus was established, as a merger between Politikens Hus and Jyllands-Posten A/S, the publishing companies of the major broadsheet newspapers Politiken and Jyllands-Posten, respectively.[1] The company also own Politiken‍ '​s tabloid Ekstra Bladet, Watch Medier and Finans.

In addition to publishing these newspapers, JP/Politikens Hus' businesses also include book publishing, printing, local newspapers in Denmark and Sweden, as well as a number of multi-media concerns.

On 11 January 2017, Peter Bartram left the post as Danish Chief of Defence and became Vice Chairman at JP/Politikens Hus. Earlier in his military career, Bartram was Assistant Chief of Staff for the Supreme Allied Command Transformation in the United States. In 2021, he became chairman of JP/Politikens Hus.[2]


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The editors-in-chief have interesting biographies. Many Bilderbergers, 1 is an admitted Israeli spy "but not against Denmark"...


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