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Document:Dishonesty and the Science-Policy InterfaceA hard-hitting indictment of Western Scientific Establishments in glossing over the issue of nuclear safety, and attacking those, such as Busby, who are independently researching the effects of ionising radiation on human health. Powerful interests clearly feel threatened by Dr Busby's work and are seeking to suborn the scientific process to their own ends whatever the catastrophic effects on human health of disasters such as Fukushima.
Document:Genesis and features of Russia’s hybrid warfare in UkraineQuote from presentation: “aggression will [only] be over when Russia is over"
File:NATO-KFOR-Kosovo Organised Crime.pptThis appears to be a NATO-KFOR presentation on organised crime in Kosovo. The presentation is marked "SECRET NATO" and "Created by "Cpt. Sikora CZA". There is no indication of date but it's contents place it around 2000-2004 - probably as part of the considerations surrounding the preparations for declaring Kosovo independance from Serbia.
Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade
Rupert Sheldrake/TEDx Whitechapel 2015


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