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Employment.png President 

A leader of an organization, company, community, club, trade union, university or other group.

Not to be confused with US/President

A president is a leader of an organization, company, community, club, trade union, university or other group.[1] The relationship between a president and a chief executive officer varies, depending on the structure of the specific organization. The powers of a president vary widely across organizations.

In a similar vein to a chief operating officer, the title of corporate president as a separate position (as opposed to being combined with a "C-suite" designation, such as "president and chief executive officer" or "president and chief operating officer") is also loosely defined; the president is usually the legally recognized highest rank of corporate officer, ranking above the various vice presidents (including senior vice president and executive vice president), but on its own generally considered subordinate, in practice, to the CEO.

Presidents and the organizations they lead listed in Wikispooks will strongly tend to have a deep state significance.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Jason PackMay 2015
Ella RoseJune 2014June 2015
Daniel Benjamin28 May 2009December 2012
Robert Gallucci20092014Fired in 2014
Helen Alexander20092011
Hank Brown1 August 200510 March 2008Oversaw the machinations to get rid of dissident academic Ward Churchill.
Michel Bon20032006
Mauricio Rojas20002004
Alex Krauer19982000
Alex Krauer19871996
James Buckley19821985
John Tuthill19771985
Basil Hersov19771993
Richard Snyder19751986
David MacEachron19741989
Pierre Liotard-Vogt19731982Attended the 1970, 1974, 1977 and 1980 Bilderberg conferences
Lorenzo Vallarino Gancia19701982
Harlan Cleveland19691974
Bernard Berelson19681974
Isaiah Berlin19671975
Leon Fraser1 January 19371945


Event Participated in

Brussels Forum/2012Brussels
Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA-close German Marshall Fund.
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