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Status: stable
A property to match postings to their appointers

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      jobs
  • Predicate:  Has appointer
  • Object:        Pagename of a person (type Page)

95 Pages use the property "Has appointer"

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Page nameHas appointer
Ziad Abu-AmrMahmoud Abbas
Louise ArbourKofi Annan
Bill BrattonBill de Blasio
Zachary CarterBill de Blasio
Richard EmeryBill de Blasio
Meroe ParkJohn O. Brennan
Lester CrawfordGeorge W. Bush
Thomas Patrick MeladyGeorge H. W. Bush
Richard McCormackGeorge H. W. Bush
Andrew NatsiosGeorge W. Bush
Alexander KarsnerGeorge W. Bush
John TowerGeorge H. W. Bush
Luis A. AguilarGeorge W. Bush
Lewis Thompson PrestonGeorge H. W. Bush
Robert BonnerGeorge H. W. Bush
Carter BeeseGeorge H. W. Bush
J. Daniel HowardGeorge H. W. Bush
William S. Farish IIIGeorge W. Bush
Louis FreehGeorge H. W. Bush
Francis X. TaylorGeorge W. Bush
Malcolm RifkindDavid Cameron
Pauline Neville-JonesDavid Cameron
James H. BakerAshton Carter
Andrew YoungJimmy Carter
Donald McHenryJimmy Carter
Pedro Luis Díaz LanzFidel Castro
Anthony HarringtonBill Clinton
Nora SlatkinBill Clinton
Jane HenneyBill Clinton
Eugene DodaroBill Clinton
Anthony HarringtonBill Clinton
Bernard BajoletCouncil of Ministers
David CohenJohn M. Deutch
Nora SlatkinJohn M. Deutch
Lyman KirkpatrickAllen Dulles
Joseph CampbellDwight D. Eisenhower
George H. W. BushGerald Ford
George H. W. BushGerald Ford
William KintnerGerald Ford
Weldon KennedyLouis Freeh
Michael HessRudy Giuliani
Kyle FoggoPorter Goss
Dominic CummingsMichael Gove
David CohenMaurice Greenberg
Louise ArbourAntónio Guterres
Jon DayJeremy Heywood
Dominic CummingsBoris Johnson
John H. ReedLyndon Johnson
Ian FletcherJohn Key
Giovanni De LorenzoClare Boothe Luce
Elmer StaatsLyndon B. Johnson
Marshall GreenLyndon B. Johnson
G. McMurtrie GodleyLyndon B. Johnson
Mark SedwillTheresa May
Mark SedwillTheresa May
Adrian FulfordTheresa May
William SchnitzlerGeorge Meany
Harry AnslingerAndrew Mellon
David IsaacNicky Morgan
Vernon A. WaltersRichard Nixon
William MacomberRichard Nixon
Thomas Patrick MeladyRichard Nixon
Thomas Patrick MeladyRichard Nixon
Thomas FingarBarack Obama
W. Stuart SymingtonBarack Obama
Tony BlinkenBarack Obama
David WalkerBarack Obama
John PistoleBarack Obama
Margaret HamburgBarack Obama
Robert CaliffBarack Obama
Bernt CarlssonOlof Palme
Alexandre de MarenchesGeorges Pompidou
Lawrence Kermit WhiteWilliam Raborn
Robert ConnRonald Reagan
Frank Edward YoungRonald Reagan
William CaseyRonald Reagan
Charles BowsherRonald Reagan
J. Daniel HowardRonald Reagan
Charles FarrJohn Reid
Arthur Hull HayesDonald Rumsfeld
William SchneiderDonald Rumsfeld
William ColbyJames R. Schlesinger
Franz HeublMax Streibl
Bradley BucklesLawrence Summers
Richard BleeGeorge Tenet
A. B. KrongardGeorge Tenet
Cofer BlackGeorge Tenet
Ian MacGregorMargaret Thatcher
Peter FraserMargaret Thatcher
Percy CradockMargaret Thatcher
Ian MacGregorMargaret Thatcher
David BruceHarry S. Truman
Alexander AcostaDonald Trump
Ajit PaiDonald Trump
Randolph AllesDonald Trump
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