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Status: stable
This property is for facebook URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Facebook URLs of people or organisations
  • Predicate:  Has facebook
  • Object:        URLs of facebook pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas facebook
Alex Jones
Greater Manchester Police
Nottingham Trent University
The Hill
The Register
Anders Gravers
No Lies Radio
Hugh Bayley
Stockholm Network
Arnaud Dotézac
Pik Botha
Alan Lake
Christine Brim
Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence
Abby Martin
Moscow School for Political Studies
Rania Khalek
Sciences Po Aix
Steve Pieczenik
Tim Pool
West Midlands Police
McCain Institute Institute
Adam Grant
Alba Party
Deutsche Bank
James Fallows
Lenín Moreno
Benjamin Netanyahu
Tulsi Gabbard
Andrea Leadsom
Bernard Jenkin
David Ignatius
Dennis Prager
Free University of Berlin
Hanne Skartveit
Jan Schakowsky
Jüri Ratas
Richard Heinberg
The Duran
EcoHealth Alliance
Ryan Cole
Procter & Gamble
Kevin Flaherty
Black Op Radio
Kurt Sonnenfeld
Madhav Das Nalapat
Marcel Chirwa rdc=1& rdr
New Eastern Outlook
Revolutionären Aufbau Schweizärer-Aufbau-Basel-1384065095250601/
The Opperman Report
The Killing$ Of Tony Blair
Ed Opperman
Gerald Michaluk
Hannes Adomeit
Kevin Barrett
Media Bias/Fact Check
Mickey Huff
George Pagoulatos rdc=1& rdr
Nikolai Malomuzh
The Grayzone
Kenneth O'Keefe
21st Century Wire
The 77th Brigade
911 Blogger
American Economic Association
Agence France-Presse
American Historical Association
All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism
Abertay University
American-Turkish Council
American Freedom Alliance
Andrew Bacevich
Andrew Korybko
Annie Jacobsen
Anti-Slavery International
Antioch University
Anya Parampil
Arlene Foster
Arundhati Roy
Atlantic Council
Atlantic Treaty Association
Question Time
Ben Norton
Big League Politics
Bill Gates
Brandy Vaughan
Brittany Venti
Community Security Trust
Caitlin Johnstone
Canadian Global Affairs Institute
Carleton College
Center for European Policy Analysis
Chicago Police Department
Chris Hedges
Christophe Béchu
Christos StylianidesΧρήστος-Στυλιανίδης-62854856087/
Clareine Enderby
Clingendael Institute
Peter Hoekstra
Counter Extremism Project
Courage Foundation
Cynthia McKinney
Danny Danon
James Delingpole
Dollar Vigilante
Dominique Anglade
Dahlia Wasfi
Robert O. Young
Rosena Allin-Khan
Drąsius Kedysąsius-Kedys-159710653374/
East of England Labour Party
Elizabeth Warren
Ellie Reeves
Emily Thornberry
European Foundation for Democracy
Eva Bartlett
Evolve Politics
Extinction Rebellion
Patrick Salmon
GB News
Gary Parker
Gatestone Institute
Geopolitics & Empire
George Watson's College
Gina McCarthy
Global Investigative Journalism Network
Global Relations Forum
Global Research
Goddard College
Government Accountability Institute
Harvard University
Headington School
Health Freedom For Humanity
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Herzliya Conference
Horst Seehofer
Howard Beckett
Huntingdon College
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
The Institute for European Studies
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
"Independent Police Complaints Commission"
International Transport Workers' Federation
Indiana State University
Integrity Initiative
Institute for Statecraft
Institute for the Study of War
Intel Today
International Energy Agency
Jake Wallis Simons
James Herbert
James O'Keefe
Jay Dyer
Jennifer Jaynes
Jeremy R. Hammond
Jewish Voice for Peace
Jonathan Pie
José Ribeiro e Castroé-Ribeiro-e-Castro-127437908871/
Justice Integrity Project
Sunny Sheu
Kai Wargalla
Kate Osamor
Oxford University/Keble College
Kim Iversen
Kirsten Gillibrand
Labour First
Labour in Exile Network
Labour Against The Witchhunt
Oxford University/Lady Margaret Hall
Miroslav Lajčák
Lauren Southern
Laurence de Mello
Lindsey Graham
Liz Crokin
Tariq Ahmad
Juozas Olekas
Jody Wilson-Raybould
Maajid Nawaaz
Maccabi World Union
Cecilia Malmström
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Macedo de la Concha
James Le Mesurier
Middle East Forum
Milton Academy
Mines ParisTech
Steve Topple
Joe Scarborough
Muhlenberg College
NATO/Defense College
Nicole Junkermann
The North-South Institute
Nanyang Business School
Nadhim Zahawi
National Endowment for Democracy
Neale Hanvey
Next News Network
Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative
Occupy Central
Yeonmi Park
Ohio Wesleyan University
Oracle Films
Peter Sutherland
People's Vote
Peter Oborne
Pierre-Henri Bunel
Pierre Jovanovic
Political Provocateur EXTRA
Prague Security Studies Institute
Boris Tadić
Privacy International
Private Eye
Project Veritas
Public Health England
Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne
Royal Military College of Canada
Maria Finoshina
Regina Dugan
Renaissance Weekend
Dutch Ruppersberger
Richard Gage
Rick Noack
Rogue Media Labs
Ruth Davidson
Searle Pharmaceuticals
Sue Webber
Mikheil Saakashvili
Satya Nadella
Save Cox's Walk Footbridge Oaks
Sevenoaks School
Sky News Australia
Socialist Workers Party
Spartacus Educational
Spelman College
Oxford University/St Anne's College
Stephen Kohn
Steven Sahiounie
Stop The Labour Purge
Strategic Culture Foundation
Truthstream Media
Delft University of Technology
Natasha Osben
Teesside University
Terry Gilliam
Thales UK
NewColdWar.org rdc=1& rdr
Poynter Institute
The Black Vault
The Canary
The Chertoff Group
The Conservative Woman
Peace and Justice Project
Dorset Eye
The Independent Group
Jerusalem Post
The Lancet
The Last American Vagabond
Trevor Loudon
UK Medical Freedom Alliance
National University of Colombia
United States Army War College
US/Naval Academy
Ulf Kristersson
University of Westminster
University of Leicester
University of London
University of Tubingen
University of Delhi
University of the Arts London
University of North Dakota
University of Washington
Utah State University
US/Department of Veterans Affairs
Vilnius University
Warsaw Institute
Wexner Foundation
Council on Environmental Quality
William McNeilly
Women Against Military Madness
Workers Party of Britain
Young Labour
Yvonne Ridley
Zarah Sultana
Zero Hedge
Aaron Dykes
Active Change Foundation
Activist Post
Adam Larson
Adam Smith International
AE911 Truth
Alan Blumenthal
Alex Constantine
Alexander Stubb
Alison McGovern
Altiyan Childs
Ron Dermer
Amber Rudd
American Free Press
Andrew Ashdown
Angela Eagle
Brian Berletic
Safia Aoude
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom
American University of Beirut
Axis of Logic
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş
Bentley University
Black Star News
Børge Brende
Breakthrough Party
Breda University of Applied Sciences
Brian Pluthero
Brian Paddick
Bulgaria Analytica
Gothenburg School of Business Economics and Law
Carla Gregory
Carlos Vila Nova
Carnegie Mellon University
Carne Ross
Cassandra Fairbanks location=timeline
Catherine West
Centre for European Reform
Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism
Charles Courtney-Clarke
Charlotte Edwardes
Chip Berlet
Chris Bird
Chris Jackson
Christine Shawcroft
Christopher Nicholson
City of London/Police
Clacton Constituency Labour Party
Club of Rome
College of the Holy Cross
Commonwealth Fund
Conservative Friends of Israel
Counter Currents
Coutts Bank
CovertAction Quarterly
Criminal Cases Review Commission
Crispin Flintoff
Critical Legal Thinking
Damian Green
Dan Glazebrook
Dan Casey
Daniel Hopsicker
Daniel Sheehan
Darren Murphy
Dave Llewellyn
Dave Rubin
David Hencke
David Scheim
David Carter
UK Defence Academy
Democracy Now!
Denison University
Dennis Kucinich
Derrick Broze
Dominik Suter
Jill Stein
Duncan Campbell
Ed Balls
Edi Rama
Edwin Bollier
Eileen Davidson
Einat Wilf
ESCP Europe
ESSEC Business School
The European Journalism Centre
Guido Fawkes
François Fillon
Films For Action
Cambridge University/Fitzwilliam College
Fritz Schoon
Gandhi Foundation
Gareth Snell
Garlin Gilchrist II
Geoengineering Watch
Gerry Adams
Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
International Press Institute
Gloria De Piero
Radio North Sea International
The Greanville Post
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon
Hamline University
Hand in Hand for Syria
Hang The Bankers
Heiko Maas
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Helsingin Sanomat
Herbert Kickl
Hooshang Amirahmadi
Ian Bremmer
Ian Puddick
Institute of Business Administration (Karachi)
Israel/Defense Forces
Idox Elections
Inês de Medeiros
Institute for Justice
Integrity Initiatives International
International Peace Bureau
Euan Philipps
Ivo Mosley
Jacinda Ardern
Jack Parsons
Jackson Hinkle
Jacques Attali
Jamie Metzl
Jean-Yves Ollivier
Jeff Schechtman
Jeffrey Donaldson
Jeremy Varcoe
Joe Biden
John Goss
John J. Dziak
John McCain
Jonathan Bartley
Joe Freebody
Julia Hobsbawm
Jewish Voice for Labour
Kelly Ayotte
Bob Kerrey
Kevin Hassett
King's College London
Koç Holding
Kofi Annan Foundation
Kristin Clemet
Labour Grassroots
Labour Party Irish Society
Lana Vandenberghe
Len Osanic
Loukas Tsoukalis
London School of Economics
Luke Akehurst
Luke Harding
Lyn Brown
Zaher Sahloul
Malcolm Roberts
Malteser International
Mandy Blumenthal
Manchester Metropolitan University
Margrethe Vestager
Maria Eagle
Mark Hirst
Mark Lewis
Mark Zaid
Mark Garnier
Mary Wakefield
Matthew Doyle
Matt Hijs Van Bonzel
Michael Buergermeister
Michael Rivero
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