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This is a special property [Link]
This property is for indicating that one property is a subproperty of another.

RDFs equivalent: subPropertyOf
  • Subject:      Pages in the property: namespace
  • Predicate:  Subproperty of
  • Object:        Pages in the property: namespace (type Page)

12 Pages use the property "Subproperty of"

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Page nameSubproperty ofThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Has plannerHas cause
Has sponsorHas cause
Has perpetratorHas cause
Has imageHas depiction
Has image2Has depiction
Has placeTypeHas objectType
Has conceptTypeHas objectType
Has eventTypeHas objectType
Has documentTypeHas objectType
Display iconHas objectType
Has groupTypeHas objectType
ON has perpetratorON has cause