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Date2014/09/12 09:00:00 AM - Present
DescriptionCriminal investigation of air disaster to be a long-term task

Prosecutors in the Netherlands said that they need to know where a missile that may have shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was fired from in eastern Ukraine before criminal charges could be laid. "When we know from where it was fired, then we can find out who controlled that area," and possibly prosecute, Dutch chief investigator Fred Westerbeke told journalists in Rotterdam. Westerbeke said that they had not yet obtained US satellite photos of areas from which a missile might have been launched. Intercepted telephone conversations between separatists allegedly talking about shooting down the plane have not yet been authenticated. "We are studying the intercepted telephone call," Patricia Zorko of the Dutch national police said of one of the conversations. "The conversation is between rebels who allegedly shot down the plane, but we really need to authenticate it," she said.Dutch say need to know MH17 missile launch site to prosecuteMH17 crash: Investigation focuses on '25 metal shards'

From Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office (via Google Translate):

The Public Prosecutor (OM) takes into account that the investigation into the plane crash with flight MH17 is a long-term task. Currently, ten prosecutors and about 100 investigators in the study, that almost immediately after the disaster is set.

Research Lines: The study has several lines of research and focuses on different scenarios. Now OVV in the report indicates that it appears that the device is pierced by "a large number of objects with high energy from outside the plane" is the possibility that flight MH 17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur over Ukraine downed the main scenario .

"If it can be determined that flight MH17 crashed by an offense than can the perpetrators and accomplices do not escape punishment. When we know the facts, we want to know who is responsible. If it was not an accident, the question must be by us answered whose at fault, "said the Chief Prosecutor of the National Prosecutor, F. Westerbeke.

Evidence: Obviously, research into a possible weapon used and the way it is used. Westerbeke: "But you're handy when you can not prove anything, merely also can exclude alternative scenarios on the Internet and in various media and forums talk about a rocket And although several indications in that direction is up to police.. and justice actually prove. Delivering the facts incontrovertible evidence is a lengthy process and takes time. It also means that alternatives can be excluded. "

Criminal Investigation: The criminal investigation currently consists of about 100 investigators with different specializations such as experts in the field of international crimes, experts in the field of High Tech Crime, forensic experts, analysts and a language expert. The Royal Military Constabulary and aviation police have been investigating the airplane and the handling of passengers when it was still at Schiphol.

A very large amount of material on the Internet is secure. It is about 348 389 595 webpages include with photos and videos from Eastern Ukraine, both before and after the plane crash. In addition, research on blogs, tweets and forums. Constantly keeps track of what appears on the Internet. It's a lot of work to determine what is the value of what is published on the Internet and whether it can serve as proof. Again and again Therefore it is necessary to validate the message accreditation and to substantiate.

Phone calls: The research also focuses on telecom data and telephone tapping. On internet phone calls were separatists who have downed flight MH17. The coming When such calls are used in a criminal case as evidence of the authenticity must be examined. It is important to rule out that they are manipulated or pieced together to bring. And the police astray Voice identification is also an important part of the work.

Forensics: There and done forensic examination, including Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI). The remains of the victims are examined and forensic autopsy is to gather evidence. There are about 500 particles / traces secured on bodies and from luggage. About 25 metal particles must be examined to determine whether they originate from a possible weapon, or parts of the interior of the aircraft or the aircraft itself.

On the website of the Dutch police, the possibility opened and called for material available and upload. That option is available in four languages ​​(Russian, Ukrainian, English and Dutch) brought to the attention of the public in (East) -Ukraine. Here's many responded. There are now 20,000 photos and 750 videos uploaded. Also, these are analyzed and examined for authenticity.