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Concept.png QAnon 
(psyop,  modified limited hangoutInfogalacticRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
StartOctober 28, 2017
Founder(s)CIA?,  Supranational Deep State?
Interest of• Stephen Bannon
• Liz Crokin
• Caitlin Johnstone
• Noor Bin Laden
• Robbie Martin
• Steve Outtrim
• Jim Watkins
• Ron Watkins
Deep State perpetrated modified limited hangout cum distraction psyop to try to obscure the increasing public awareness of its presence

QAnon is an internet-based CIA[1]/military intelligence[2][3][4] operation which purportedly carries out "the plan" to defeat The Deep State. Since October 2017 it has been leaving cryptic "clues" about certain upcoming events.[5] During the Donald Trump presidency, it asked its followers to support his policies. Robin Ramsay termed QAnon a "ramshackle collection of conspiracy theories which is being circulated on-line."[6]

CCM coverage

The BBC published a long article titled "The moment QAnon took the person I love most", making it sound like disease.[7]

Donald Trump

Donald Trump himself and his entourae constantly hinted that they were "in on it".[8] This often plays out on Twitter where Trump retweets people who just had a Q-Anon related post or who are connected with the movement.[9][10] Alternatively people close to him do this. He also uses phrases that are related to wording of the movement.[11][12] In August 2018 he invited Michael Lebron, known as Lionel, into the White House at a time Lebron was already a major figure in the Q movement.[13][14][15]

The signalling by Trump and his close associates, over time, has made it totally clear that he wants the followers of the Q movement to see him as part of "the plan".

Conjectured perpetrators

Robbie Martin observes that people like Erik Prince and Steve Pieczenik (who before used to talk about how some pro-America, anti-war deep state insiders saw Trump early on as a positive candidate)[16] have played a role in bringing it about or announcing it.[17]


Former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn -- who had earlier endorsed the movement -- stated in a recorded phonecall later posted online that it was a "disinformation campaign created by the CIA".[1]

Military Intelligence

Retired general Paul E. Vallely was interviewed for on 14. October, 2019[18][19][20] and said that:[21][22]

“Q-Anon is information that comes out of a group called ‘The Army of Northern Virginia.’ This is a group of military intelligence specialists, of over 800 people that advises the president. The president does not have a lot of confidence in the CIA or the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) much anymore. So the President relies on real operators, who are mostly Special Operations type of people. This is where ‘Q’ picks up some of his information.”
Paul E. Vallely [23]

This is notable since he wrote a paper with his psychological operations colleague and satanist Michael Aquino,[24] which employs the older doctrine: "Win their hearts and their minds will follow." - what could be argued is playing out with the Q operation.


Kevin Shipp stated that an actual Q clearance leaker would have been identified and removed within days.[25]

Ryan Matters points out that Q: "constantly asks questions but never answers them."[26] He says that: "this is a classic copywriting trick.[27] Questions are a proven way to engage and involve your readers. The use of questions in written works is a method of creating a rapport with the reader – getting the reader to like you."

Military policy of the United States generally does not change - no matter what administration is in office.[28][29] The Q movement, no matter how many serious people identify with it,[30][31] is likely a psyop that will bring no real change and result in less violence for populations worldwide. There is a probability that it is only meant to eat up time and consolidate the opinion of a certain part of the US population in a favorable way towards Donald Trump. It seems also possible, however, that it is meant to eliminate a rivaling faction within the government, especially when connected to Pizzagate.

“[...] its very interesting how powerful this conspiracy has become. When it is essentially, just really a partisan weapon. When you really boil it down to what it's accomplishing, in the political sphere. Now in the sphere of, you know, alternative narratives, or having nuanced discussions about conspiracy's - what its done in that world, it's helped toxify it. It's helped narrow the framework and it's helped dumb it down to the point where people are believing much dumber, much more oversimplified, much more just garbagey things that don't make sense, compared to earlier iterations of the overall conspiracy movement.”
Robbie Martin [32]

Reporting by Lori Handrahan has highlighted the fact that there is a crisis in the United States regarding video material of child rape on government computers.[33][34][35] Very little is said and done with respect to this,[36] even when her own live story represents what the QAnon movement is all about.

Robbie Martin & Jake Fox explore the 'Q' phenomenon - A Very Heavy Agenda Live[37]


Q has asked people to follow worldwide resignations of notable figures.[38] These, however, can happen all the time with more or less intensity for all kinds of reasons. Nothing can be verified or said definitely, especially when these are people from abroad for whom a person, who has not heard of them before, would have to invest hours to understand what may be involved in this particular resignation. This is rather make believe that something is going on, when there is likely nothing going on, or something completely different. But over and over people are asked to blindly trust "the plan", thus remaining passive and looking on to what is allegedly playing out.


In October 2020 heavy handed measures were discussed to remove access to the Internet infrastructure for the message board 8kun (formerly 8chan) which hosts QAnon discussions; a broader move to remove, or reduce, QAnon discussions and material in general.[39][40]


QAnon websites


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