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ResidenceSouth Tyrol
Interests • “COVID-19/Vaccine”
• EuGH
Lawyer in South Tyrol fighting Corona legislation.

Renate Holzeisen is a lawyer in South Tyrol who is fighting the Corona measures legally, since in her opinion any newly developed vaccine can not be used in the ongoing process of making them mandatory in connection with the reasoning that has been used for their approval.[1][2] She was heard several times at the Corona Investigative Committee.


“[...] the so-called COVID-19 vaccines, according to official approval documents of the EMA and European Commission (see, among others, on the website of medicinal human register), were not developed and approved for the prevention of infection with the virus SARS-COV-2, but are intended to act solely as prevention of a more severe course of the disease COVID-19 and were also conditionally approved solely for this purpose. It is therefore clear from the official approval documents that these substances cannot break the chain of infection, because the persons treated with them can become infected and thus infectious. Furthermore, practice proves that already fully "vaccinated" persons become infected with the virus and even have an equally high viral load as "unvaccinated" persons (see most recently CDC, among others). Thus it is clear that any COVID-19 "vaccination compulsion" - apart from the fundamental right and unconstitutionality - also factually lacks any justification. All pressure, even moral pressure (alleged act of solidarity with the next person) proves to be relevant in terms of criminal and liability law, if only on the basis of the official admission documents! Especially as a lawyer advising on corporate law, I strongly recommend every employer to refrain from a COVID-19 vaccination pressure/vaccination compulsion, because most of them are obviously not even aware of the far-reaching legal consequences associated with it.”
Renate Holzeisen (August 2021)  [3]

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