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Born4 October 1940
Portogruaro, Italy
Died17 April 2015 (Age 74)
Italian politician

Employment.png Young Entrepreneurs/President

In office
1970 - 1974
Preceded byLorenzo Vallarino Gancia
Went to 1970 Bilderberg

Renato Altissimo was an Italian politician and minister.


Altissimo was a member of the Italian Liberal Party (Partito Liberale Italiano, PLI), a small party which served as a junior partner in several governing coalitions.[1]

A long time follower of party leader Valerio Zanone, Altissimo served as PLI's national secretary from 1986, succeeding Alfredo Biondi. He resigned in March 1993 after being accused of implication in a corruption scandal; he denied any wrongdoing.[2]

Altissimo was also Health Minister in the governments of Francesco Cossiga (1979–1980) I, Giovanni Spadolini I and II (1980–1981), and Amintore Fanfani (1982–1983) V. He was Minister for Industry and Trade with Bettino Craxi (first Government 1983 - 1986).[3]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/197017 April 197019 April 1970Switzerland
Hotel Quellenhof
Bad Ragaz
the 19th Bilderberg meeting, in Switzerland.