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(spook, academic, diplomat)
Died1965 (Age 54)
Victim ofpremature death
Spooky US academic diplomat. OSS. Attended the 1956 Bilderberg. Died suddenly aged 54.

Robert Blum, "a specialist in Asian affairs, was an instructor at Yale University from 1937-1942. He served with the OSS from 1942-1946. After the war, Blum was president of the Asia Foundation (1953-1962) and lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley (1960)."[1]


"In the fall of 1944, he was named Chief of the X-2 Branch set up in Paris, one of the Branches of the Counter Espionage division of the OSS. After the war he worked for two years as an assistant to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal. In 1949, Robert Blum returned to Europe, working in Paris with the Marshall Plan. From 1950 to 1951, he was the head of ECA (Economic Cooperation Administration), an agency of the Marshall Plan, in Indochina. He returned to the United States in 1953 to become the President of the Asia Foundation with headquarters in San Francisco."[2]

Robert Blum is mentioned as a speaker several times in notes taken at the 1956 Bilderberg by Paul Nitze.[3]

"He left the Asia Foundation in 1962 to direct a three-year project for the Council on Foreign Relations financed by the Ford Foundation titled “The United States and China in World Affairs”. Robert Blum died suddenly on Long Island (N.Y.) on July 9, 1965 before he could revise his manuscript for publication. His book, The United States and China in World Affairs, edited by A. Doak Barnett, was published the following year."[2]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/195611 May 195613 May 1956Denmark
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