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The commission is sworn in
Membership• Nelson A. Rockefeller
• Lyman L. Lemnitzer
• Ronald Reagan
• Edgar F. Shannon Jr.
• David W. Belin
• John T. Connor
• C. Douglas Dillon
• Erwin N. Griswold
• Lane Kirkland
A limited hangout to try to control revelations about the US deep state's exploitation of the CIA.

The Rockefeller Commission (formally the United States President's Commission on CIA Activities within the United States) was a limited hangout set up by US deep state asset Gerald Ford. It was chaired by US Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller.


It was created in response to a December 1974 report in The New York Times that the CIA had conducted illegal domestic activities, including experiments on U.S. citizens, during the 1960s. The commission issued a single report in 1975, touching upon certain CIA abuses including mail opening and surveillance of domestic dissident groups. It also publicized Project MKULTRA.


The commission recommended (like the Church Committee and the Pike Committee) strengthening the CIA Office of Inspector General. This was not followed.[1]