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Co-founded the Tor Project

Roger Dingledine is an American computer scientist known for having co-founded the Tor Project.[1] A student of mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering,[2] Dingledine is also known by the pseudonym arma.[3] As of December 2016, he continues in a leadership role with the Tor Project, as a project Leader, Director, and Research Director.[4]

Dingledine was part of a team that brought the TOR-technology to life under a series of military and federal government contracts. Dingledine even spent a summer working at the National Security Agency.[5]

“The United States government can’t simply run an anonymity system for everybody and then use it themselves only. Because then every time a connection came from it people would say, “Oh, it’s another CIA agent.” If those are the only people using the network.””
Roger Dingledine (2004)  [6]

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