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(spook?, businesswoman, deep state operative)
Rosa Monckton with Diana Spencer
Born26 October 1953
Alma materUrsuline Sisters of Tildonk (Belgium)
Parents • Marianna Laetitia Bower
• Gilbert Monckton
SpouseDominic Lawson
Member ofJeffrey Epstein/Black book
InterestsDiana Spencer

Rosamond Mary Monckton is an English businesswoman of Tiffany & Co. and supporter of several charities relating to children and orphanages.

She was a close friend of Mossad asset and sexual blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein since the early 1980s. “He’s very enigmatic...You think you know him and then you peel off another ring of the onion skin and there’s something else extraordinary underneath. He never reveals his hand…. He’s a classic iceberg. What you see is not what you get.”[1]

She had an unlikely ‘friendship’ with the divorced Diana Spencer, and is the source for the claim that Diana menstruated only a week before the fatal crash.[2]

Spooky Background

Monckton is the daughter of Marianna Laetitia Bower and Gilbert Monckton, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and was educated at the Ursuline Convent at Tildonk in Belgium.[3]

In relation to the Diana inquest, Rosa disclosed that someone close to her was involved with MI6. Monckton told the inquest that she personally had “no connection with the security services” but that “someone close to me is connected with the SIS”.[4][5]

Monckton's elder brother is Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton (born 1952), journalist, public speaker, and outspoken climate change sceptic. She also has three younger brothers: twins Timothy and Jonathan (born 1955), and Anthony (born 1960). In 1996, Anthony Monckton was appointed First Secretary (Political) in the Croatian capital Zagreb, a very spooky job.

Her husband Dominic Lawson, former editor of the Sunday Telegraph newspaper and Spectator magazine, provided journalistic cover for MI6 officers while he was editor of The Spectator. The allegations that Dominic Lawson was a paid asset of MI6 have also been made in parliament.[6]

They have three daughters, Domenica, Savannah and Natalia (deceased). Domenica has Down syndrome; her godmother was Monckton's friend Diana, Princess of Wales.[7]


Rosa Monckton served as the president of luxury brand Tiffany & Co.[8] She was later Chief Executive of Asprey & Garrard[8] until 2002, when she became a non-executive chairman of Asprey London and Garrard & Co.

Diana Spencer

The journalist Jane Tawbase investigated Monckton and Lawson. She wrote: "Rosa Monckton, a generation older, made an odd friend for the often unhappy princess. A svelte sophisticate and a wealthy working woman, her first relationships and loyalties lay, almost from when she was born, with the Queen. She was a regular visitor to the royal household all her life and was, for that reason, more given to loyalty to the crown than to an unhappy and disruptive outsider, one who was seriously damaging the public image of the royal family."[6]

"The relationship between Monckton and the ‘disruptive’ Diana, is somewhat inexplicable, perhaps just very odd. Diana was a fashion goddess and fitness fanatic who delighted in shopping and modern music. Monckton, by contrast, is a highly cerebral woman of the world, married to a man with links to MI6 that no journalist or newspaper editor should ever have." Tawbase also asks "Did MI6 ask Rosa Monckton to do the key job of moving into the princess’s inner circle and become her confidante? It would certainly have made the job easier."[6]


Rosa Lawson is a fundraiser and supports several charities relating to children. The charities include:

  • The Acorns Children's Hospice for the care of life limited children in the heart of England
  • Downside Up a Down syndrome charity in Russia
  • The Down's Syndrome Educational Trust based in Portsmouth, England which through research provides education, information and training to promote the development of children with Down syndrome
  • Kids (charity), a disabled children's charity based in England. KIDS helps in developing and improving the lives of disabled children
  • The Bulgarian Abandoned Children's Trust, a British charity dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged children in Bulgaria and campaigning for an end to the use of institutional care
  • Team Domenica, a charity named after her daughter which supports young adults with learning disabilities to find employment[9]


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