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"Russian Propaganda"

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Groups such as the Institute for Statecraft" have been aggressively promoting the public perception of Russia as an enemy image and the stated purpose of the Integrity Initiative was to "counter Russian disinformation". Their activities included promotion of Russophobia and Cold War 2.0 and covert influencing of the democratic process to try to block appointments of officials whom the see as soft on Russia.


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Russia“As commentators such as Mark Galotti and Edward Lucas have long pointed out, the Putin state has long co-opted Russian criminality to act as an information source, purveyor of corruption and in supporting Russia/Foreign policy aims including murders outside Russia. However, due to difficulties to say the least in obtaining convictions or even meeting criminal standards of evidence against persons outside the jurisdiction, much information which would demonstrate these links are often limited in numbers and quality. This is especially so due to the lack of understanding of the semi militarized ethos of Russian society.”Euan Grant


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