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İstanbul, Turkey
Died18 October 2021 (Age 93)
İstanbul, Turkey
Member ofGlobal Relations Forum
Turkish journalist who attended the 2009 Bilderberg

Employment.png Director of Foreign News

In office
1954 - 2021
Various other positions as well, in the end as columnist. Bilderberg 2009.

Sami Kohen was a Turkish journalist and columnist. He wrote regular columns about foreign policy for Milliyet since 1954.[1]


Kohen was born in 1928 in Istanbul. He came from a Jewish family. His father was Albert Kohen, who published the La Boz de Türkiye newspaper in Judaeo-Spanish and French, which, after his father's death, was published in Turkish by Sami Kohen as Türkiye'nin sesi. Later, he worked at Tan, Yeni Istanbul and Istanbul Express newspapers.


In 1954 he joined Milliyet, and became Director of Foreign News. Six years later in 1960, he married Mirka. He had two children named Jale and Alp.[2] . Sami Kohen is one of the writers who has served for the longest time in the same newspaper in Turkey.

In addition to journalism, Kohen is one of the founders of Turkey's leading think tanks such as the Global Relations Forum and Bahcesehir University's USA Turkey Research Center.

In addition to his column for Milliyet, Kohen has also been the Turkey correspondent for many foreign newspapers: Newsweek, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Economist, Christian Science Monitor are just a few of them. Kohen's articles and interviews about Turkey were published in the newspapers of many countries from Sweden to Japan, from Mexico to India.

1980-84 International Press Institute Executive Board Member, 1990's became the Director of the Turkish Press Institute.


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/200914 May 200917 May 2009Greece
The 57th Bilderberg