Saving Syria's Children

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Publication.png Saving Syria's Children 
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TypeTV programme
Interest of• Victor Lewis-Smith
• Robert Stuart
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An emotive episode of Panorama that may have been used to try to increase public support for a program of bombing Syria.

Saving Syria's Children was an episode of the BBC's Panorama programme featuring Ian Pannell and Dr Rola. It has been extensively researched by Robert Stuart.


The episode was broadcast on BBC TV in UK on September 30, 2013.

Cover up

Robert Stuart reports that YouTube has been energetic in removing copies of the program which are uploaded.[1]


Victor Lewis Smith (who produced the documentary Unlawful Killing about the death of Diana Spencer) challenged the BBC to provide the rushes of the programme, stating that unless they did so, he would cancel his contract with them. The BBC declined to do so and he cancelled his contract.[2]

Robert Stuart believes that the episode was in part staged, especially the scene with the burn victims.[3] He has given numerous presentations about the programme and has been interviewed for a number of TV channels including RT.[citation needed]

Citing his experience with burns victims in the city of Gdansk/Poland, when a fatal fire occurred at the famous shipyard where a hall was being used for a rock concert in 1994,[4] Craig Murray stated categorically in December 2018 that he believed the report was "faked".[5]

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