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Membership• Emily Bell
• Philip Edward Boardman
• Grainne Brankin
• Lawrence Brian Elliott
• Elizabeth Forgan
• Andrew Winston Mawdsley Graham
• Alex Graham
• Stephen John Godsell
• Catherine Howarth
• William Nicholas Hutton
• Richard James Kerr
• Maleiha Malik
• Carolyn Julia McCall
• Andrew Arthur Miller
• David Olusoga
• David Pemsel
• Geraldine Proudler
• Nils Pratley
• Stuart Proffitt
• Alan Charles Rusbridger
• Anthony Salz
• Vivian Schiller
• Jonathan Scott
• Russell Scott
• Hether Stewart
• Ole Jacob Sunde
• Philip Tranter
• Katharine Viner
• Sushil Baldev Wadhwani
• Hugo Young

Past and present members of the Board of the Scott Trust Ltd are listed at its Companies House page.[1]


Known members

5 of the 30 of the members already have pages here:

Catherine HowarthWorld Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2014. Member of the Scott Trust, owner of the Guardian Media Group.
Richard KerrDeputy Director of Central Intelligence under George H. W. Bush.
Alan RusbridgerBritish establishment journalist, editor-in chief of The Guardian.
Vivian SchillerCorporate journalist with ties to the deep state
Katharine VinerThe first female editor-in-chief of The Guardian
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