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Group.png Scottish National Party  
(Political partyPowerbaseRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Formation7 April 1934
HeadquartersGordon Lamb House 3 Jackson's Entry Edinburgh EH8 8PJ
Ruling political party of Scotland. Campaigns for Scottish independence.

The Scottish National Party wants to make "temporary" COVID powers permanent.[1]

Scottish Nonce Party

Full article: Rated 3/5 VIPaedophile
  1. ScottishNonceParty is a hashtag on Twitter. On 29 December 2022, the Twitter account FananaBana gave 12 reasons for this bad reputation.[2]

The SNP's education policies have come under fire. A graphic sex census survey was been given to children as young as 14 in Scottish schools. One question was "whether they have indulged in oral or anal sex". [3] The SNP has been unrepentent.[4]

SNP MP Alyn Smith AKA “Daddy Bear” was a director of LGBT Youth Scotland when he was a MEP.[5] The organisation was the centre of Scotland’s biggest ever paedophile scandal in 2009.[6] Its chief executive James Rennie sentenced to four years in prison for a long string of offences.[7]


  • SNP MP Angus MacNeil "kissed and fondled" two girls aged 17 and 18 in an Orkney hotel room while his wife in hospital pregnant with their third child.[8]
  • Nicola Sturgeon's Finance Minister Derek Mackay attempted to groom a 16 year old boy.[9] He resigned from the cabinet but continued to sit in Parliament and claimed full expenses despite not voting.[10]
  • SNP MSP Karen Adam tweeted that paedophiles are people. They are 'our family, friends and colleagues'.[11] She was criticised by the Alba Party.[12]

NATO lovers

After the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the SNP became enthusiastic NATO supporters.[13] Nicola Sturgeon called NATO membership the "‘cornerstone’ of an independent Scotland.[14]


4 year olds to change their name and gender without parental consent and knowledge.[15]

Alcohol price laws have increased drug deaths to the highest in Europe.[16]

Freedom of Speech under attack.[17]

"People have a right to free speech, but do not have a right to hate speech”.[18]

Zealous promotion of Lockdowns.[19] The SNP want emergency COVID powers over school closure to be made permanent.[20]


Employee on Wikispooks

Peter MurrellCEO199918 March 2023


Party Members

Aamer Anwar30 December 1967
Mhairi Black12 September 1994Scottish National Party MP in London
Joanna Cherry18 March 1966
Allan Dorans30 July 1955
Christine Grahame9 September 1944
Neale Hanvey28 December 1964
Ian Hudghton19 September 1951A member of the European Parliament
Hugh Kerr9 July 1944
Kenny MacAskill28 April 1958
Stewart McDonald24 August 1986
Willie McRae18 May 19237 April 1985Leading Scottish independence activist who died under mysterious circumstances. There has been speculation that he was investigating child sex abuse claims against politicians in Westminister.
Craig Murray17 October 1958A UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who stood up and did the right thing when confronted with evidence of torture. Smeared and dismissed by the UK deep state, he continues his activism exposing Establishment lies and hypocrisy.
Peter Murrell8 December 1964
Angus Robertson28 September 1969Former Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party
Michael Russell9 August 1953
Alex Salmond31 December 1954
Alyn Smith15 September 1973Scottish SNP politician. Member of Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.
Nicola Sturgeon19 July 1970Scottish National Party MSP for Glasgow Southside
Humza Yousaf7 April 1985First Muslim First Minister of Scotland


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Neale Hanvey
Attendance in the House of Commons will be when it affords an opportunity to promote Scottish interests, not a routine sojourn to London. There’s plenty work to be doing in our constituencies and across Scotland, and that’ll be our focus. We’ll vote when appropriate on issues as they arise.
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