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Concept.png Shipwrecking 
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Page nameDescription
Cheonan sinkingThe sinking of the South Korean Corvette 'Cheonan' on 26 March 2010 with the loss of 46 South Korean sailors, quickly blamed on North Korea by the US and its allies.
Kursk submarine disasterA Russian nuclear submarine sinking in 2000. Either an accident -or caused by a secret collision with a NATO submarine.
Moby PrinceA ferry catastrophe during a military smuggling operation
Sinking of MV SewolA ferry sinking which killed hundreds of schoolchildren. Officially, an accident, but information hidden and falsified in investigation.
Sinking of The Maine"Remember the Maine" - a sudden sinking the nature of which remains subject to debate
Sinking of the MS EstoniaBiggest sea disaster in modern Europe. Literally covered up by the Swedish government. 2020 documentary found smoking gun that it the official narrative was a total lie.
Sinking of the MV MagdeburgShip sunk by the CIA in British waters to enforce blockade of Cuba.
Sinking of the RMS LusitaniaA shipwreck that facilitated the entry of the US into World War I.
Sinking of the Rainbow WarriorA murderous act of sabotage against Greenpeace.
The Sinking of the AtlasGerman cargo ship sunk by French agents in 1958. Blamed on fictional Red Hand terrorist organization.
TitanicThe deadliest peacetime sinking of a superliner or cruise ship in history
Whiskey on the RocksSoviet submarine that ran aground on the south coast of Sweden in 1981
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