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"“Lone nut”"
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BornSirhan Bishara Sirhan
19 March 1944
Jerusalem, Mandatory Palestine
Criminal charge
Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
Criminal status
Incarcerated at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County, California
Victim ofmind control
Supposed perpetrator ofRFK/Assassination
A patsy who was very likely MK-ultra'ed to assassinate Robert Kennedy.

Sirhan Sirhan is a Palestinian national who is serving a life sentence for killing RFK on June 5, 1968. He confessed to the RFK Assassination but later stated that he has no recollection of it.[citation needed]

Signs of Mind Control

Sirhan’s lawyers argue that he was under hypnosis at the time of the RFK Assassination. A number of eyewitness accounts speak of his bizarre behavior on that day at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Says Jim Keith in his book, Mind Control/World Control:

Shortly before the murder of Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan was seen in the Ambassador Hotel "staring fixedly" at the teletype machine. According to the teletype operator, "he came over to my machine and started staring at it. Just staring. I'll never forget his eyes. I asked him what he wanted. He didn't answer. He just kept staring. I asked him again. No answer. I said that if he wanted the latest figures on Senator Kennedy, he'd have to check the other machine. He still didn't answer. He just kept staring."

One eyewitness said that Sirhan was "enormously composed" during the commission of the crime. Reminding one of the stories of madmen exhibiting tremendous strength, another witness said that when people were attempting to subdue Sirhan during the shooting, "the little man's strength was fantastic."

After Sirhan was taken into custody, LAPD officers found out that he had the interesting ability to tell time to the minute without a clock. Again, this is reminiscent of the extended senses of the hypnotized or otherwise mind-controlled subject.

For his own part, Sirhan said that he did the shooting "without trying," and described his condition as being that of a "puppet." Sirhan has stated on several occasions that there are many aspects of the case that have not been revealed. He also has wondered whether he was mind controlled, suggesting one witness to the assassination in particular, who he thought could "lead to someone who was playing with my mind."

When questioned by the public defender assigned to him in the case, Sirhan said, "I don't remember much about the shooting, sir, did I do it? Well, yes, I am told I did it. I remember being at the Ambassador [Hotel]. I am drinking Tom Collinses. I got dizzy. I went back to my car so I could go home. But I was too drunk to drive. I thought I'd better find some coffee. The next thing I remember I was being choked and a guy was twisting my knee."

If Sirhan was in fact programmed, it could have been done in 1967 when he disappeared for three months, not informing his family where he was. After he had returned home, it was noted that he had become fascinated by the occult.

An LAPD officer that was on the scene later described a blank, glossed over look in his eyes, saying that it was "like he wasn't in complete control of his mind." Also, that he was incredibly peaceful throughout the commotion.

A March 25th, 1969 Los Angeles Times article says that Sirhan was obsessed with the occult, mind control, and hypnotism. It states that “to improve his mind and to gain control, he hoped, over his personal destiny, he read mystical books and subscribed to and studied the Rosicrucian correspondence courses in self-hypnosis and mind power.”

The article states that Sirhan became so skilled at self-inducing magical trances that he became frightened and convinced he was losing his mind and going insane. He would put himself into a trance and come out of his finding that his notebook was filled with incoherent threats of violence and assassination. “RFK must die, RFK must die” was scribbled over and over. The article goes on to state that “he was gradually programming himself, exactly like a computer is programmed by its magnetic tape, programming himself for the coming assassination.”

A New York Times article from the same day states that psychiatrist Dr. Bernard L. Diamond testified that Sirhan had killed RFK while in a “self-induced hypnotic trance, a sort of twilight state.” The psychiatrist described Sirhan’s ability to hypnotize himself by staring fixedly in a mirror in his bedroom while two candles blazed on either side of his desk, a procedure he learned by studying occult literature.

Eyewitness reports from the event speak of a woman in a polka-dot dress being with Sirhan in the Ambassador Hotel. Sirhan’s lawyers filed legal papers in 2011, stating that Sirhan said under hypnosis that on a cue from this mysterious polka-dot dress woman, he went into “range mode.” He believed himself to be on a firing range and saw circles with targets in front of his eyes.

During interviews with a Harvard university professor and expert in trauma memory and hypnosis, Daniel Brown, Sirhan said “I thought that I was at the range more than I was actually shooting at any person, let alone Bobby Kennedy.” ... “I was on the target range. A flashback to the shooting range. I didn’t know that I had a gun.”

Brown examined Sirhan for more than 60 hours. In a lengthy affidavit filed with Sirhan’s last appeal in 2011, Brown concluded that “Mr. Sirhan did not act under his own volition and knowledge at the time of the assassination and is not responsible for actions coerced and/or carried out by others.” He was, Brown said, a true “Manchurian Candidate,” hypno-programmed into carrying out a violent political act without knowing it.

Possible Accomplices

Eyewitnesses speak of a mysterious polka-dot dress woman accompanying Sirhan during the RFK assassination. Sirhan told Dr. Diamond that he had become smitten with this woman after meeting her that night, saying “She was a seductress.” He maintained under hypnosis that the mystery girl touched or pinched him on the shoulder just before he fired. Some suggest this was a mind control trigger.

RFK Jr believes that Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard at the event who worked for a CIA-run area of Lockheed-Martin, shot some of the fatal shots that killed Senator Kennedy. [1]

Evidence Destruction

The LAPD destroyed evidence from the event. More than 2,400 photographs were burned on Aug. 21, 1968. No reason for the destruction was given. RFK Jr stated that “The LAPD unit that investigated my dad’s assassination was run by active CIA operatives. They destroyed thousands of pieces of evidence.” [1]


Sirhan Sirhan is believed to have been a subject of the CIA's MKULTRA programme, with the intention of turning him into a "Manchurian Candidate"/patsy in the RFK assassination.

A video by James Corbett

Denials of parole


Lawyer William Pepper reports that for three years prior to his parole hearing in 2011, Dr. Daniel Brown of Harvard Medical School spent over 60 hours with Sirhan. He concluded that Sirhan's amnesia for events before and during the shooting was real and that had been mind-controlled through chemicals and hypnosis for 2 weeks, for the purpose of being a patsy.[2] His findings were ignored by the parole board, who reportedly saw the gaps in Sirhan’s memory as a cynical ruse to minimise his responsibility for his crime.


In 2016, what WhoWhatWhy referred to as the "twisted logic" of the parole hearing denied Sirhan, than aged 72, any parole, since it alleged that he “continues to pose an unreasonable risk of danger to society or a threat to public safety and is therefore not suitable for parole.”[3]

Paul Schrade, who was shot by Sirhan Sirhan, was campaigning for him to be released.[4]


Related Quotation

Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations“I was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father.”Robert F. Kennedy Jr


Event Witnessed

Ambassador Hotel
Los Angeles
The assassination of Robert Kennedy, who had resolved to bring to track down and prosecute the killers of him brother, JFK, once he had himself become president.
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