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(politician, financier)
Sjur Lindebrække.jpg
Born6 April 1909
Died1 October 1998 (Age 89)

Sjur Lindebrække was a Norwegian financier and Conservative Party of Norway politician.[1]


During the 1940 Norwegian Campaign, Lindebrække was mobilized by the Norwegian 4th Division.[2]

From 1940 he worked as assistant manager in Bergens Privatbank, and became bank manager in 1945, administrative director in 1959, and from 1969 he was working chairman. He was a Storting representative between 1945 and 1953, and was chairman of the Norwegian Conservative Party from 1962 to 1970.

Lindebrække was a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee from 1976 to 1981.[3] Together with Bernt Ingvaldsen he worked to undermine Hélder Câmara as candidate, cooperating with the Brazilian ambassador in Oslo as the military dictatorship in Brazil was vehemently against Câmara receiving the Nobel peace prize.[4]


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