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The South Korean Deep state


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The Korean War killed or injured millions of Koreans and devastated the country. It also confirmed the de facto partition which had emerged after the defeat of Japan at the end of World War II and established the position of the US Deep state as firmly in charge (as also did in Japan[citation needed]).

Economic corruption

The Korea economy is dominated by a few large companies.[citation needed]

Sudden deaths

Former Korean President, Roh Moo-hyun reportedly killed himself in 2009 by jumping off a cliff near his house, resaulting in fatal head injuries.


In 2016 it emerged that the President Park Geun-hye had been sharing classified documents with Choi Soon-sil since at least 2013. This lead to her been regarded as a puppet leader. Massive peaceful demonstrations ensued in Seoul. She hung on for months but eventually resigned.

WhoWhatWhy claimed in February 2017 that the Korean National Intelligence Service was engaged in election rigging using trolls to try to get her elected, and that "The Chosun Papers (the country’s largest daily), had likely been aware of critical components of the scandal all along, and simply kept quiet. Critics perceived this as a deliberate attempt by the media to execute its own master plan for puppeteering Park."[1]


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