Speaker of the Folketing

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Employment.png Speaker of the Folketing 
(Parliamentary Speaker)

Start3 January 1850
Speaker of the Danish Parliament, the Folketing.

The Speaker of the Folketing (Danish: Folketingets formand) is the presiding officer and chairman of the Danish Parliament, Folketing. It was established on 3 January 1850. The chairman is also part of the Folketing's presidium, which leads the work of the Folketing. The presidium is elected at the beginning of each parliamentary session, and consists of a chairman and up to four deputy chairmen from the four largest parties in the Folketing in addition to the chairman's party. A new chairman will mostly be from the same party as the prime minister, but by-elections may occur. Subsequently, however, the chairman will usually always be re-elected without counter-candidates, even if the government changes. The Speaker of the Folketing is also the chief of the Folketing's Administration, which has about 400 employees.


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