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TitleDateCause(s)Official StoryDescription
Otakhon Latifi
Maxim Lazovsky
John LennonWorld famous musician who came out firmly against war and spoke out about the "insane" behaviour of government leaders.
Orlando LetelierA Chilean socialist politician and diplomat, assassinated in Washington D.C.
Walter Liggett
Abraham LincolnA US president who stood up to the US deep state
Anna Lindh
Alexander LitvinenkoAn exiled Russian spook turned whistleblower who died of Polonium poisoning in London.
Mark Lombardi
Huey Long
Allard Lowenstein
Anton LubowskiNamibian anti-apartheid activist assassinated by South Africa's Civil Cooperation Bureau
Patrice LumumbaThe first democratically elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, abducted, tortured and murdered. Foreign intelligence service involvement is strongly suspected.
MLKMartin Luther King was a pastor and political activist whose moral stance in the US in the 1960s posed a serious challenge to the US deep state. Now feted by the US government, although the US legal process conceded in 1999 that he was assassinated by the same government.
Samora Machel
Salvatore Maranzano
Georgi MarkovA Bulgarian dissident writer who assassinated in 1978
Rolando Masferrer
Thomas Merton
Harvey Milk
George de MohrenschildtLee Harvey Oswald's handler, found dead after attempting to share some of what he knew with the media.
George Moscone
Louis Mountbatten
Aleksey Mozgovoy
Airey Neave
Boris NemtsovA critic of the Russian government under Vladimir Putin
Karel Van Noppen
Deborah PalfreyRan an escort agency in Washington D.C. that was frequently used by Washington insiders, and was aware of some 9/11 insiders who let information slip before the event.
Olof PalmeLeader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969, and two-term Prime Minister, until his assassination in 1986.
Yann Piat
Anna PolitkovskayaA staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.
RFKBrother of murdered US president John F. Kennedy, Robert had been his Attorney General and wanted to become US President himself so he could uncover his brothers killers. Assassinated.
Yitzhak Rabin
William Remington
Detlev RohwedderGerman politician, Bilderberg, assassinated.
Oscar Romero
Ethel Rosenberg
Julius Rosenberg
Anwar SadatAs a peace-making Egyptian leader, an obvious enemy of the MICC.
Thomas Sankara"Africa's Che Guevara"
Issam Sartawi
Dutch Schultz
Barry SealAn ace pilot and drug smuggler for the US deep state who knew too much.
Dulcie SeptemberANC member, anti-apartheid activist, and political prisoner who went into exile in London. She was assassinated in Paris.
Tupac Shakur
Yuri ShchekochikhinA member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who was assassinated.
Sunny SheuAfter his home was fraudulently seized, he devoted himself to investigate how, following the leads up to Joseph Golia. Two days after announcing "Now I've got enough evidence to put Golia in Jail" he was found dead with head injuries.
Bugsy Siegel
Karen SilkwoodThe assassinated US nuclear whistleblower whose case was taken up by the Christic Institute.
Michele SindonaA financier and member of the Italian deep state