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John NewhouseUS journalist who attended the 1967, 1973 and 1978 Bilderbergs
David OwenUK politician who attended the 1973, 1982 and 1993 Bilderbergs
Frits PhilipsDutch Bilderberger businessman. Philips family with Philips Electronics.
Albert RitchieCanadian diplomat who attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Eric RollAttended 36 Bilderberg conferences - more than anyone else from UK.
Edmond Adolphe de RothschildRothschild family member...
Samuel RozemondSpooky Dutch foreign policy expert who attended the 1973 Bilderberg and later worked for the Clingendael Institute
Helmut SchmidtGerman politician whose government was undermined by Le Cercle
Gerard C. SmithAttended the 1973 Bilderberg. North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission 1973-76
Theo SommerEditor of Die Zeit 1973-1992. Bilderberg Steering Committee
Fernand SpaakSecond generation Belgian Bilderberger lawyer diplomat who was shot dead in 1981.
Paul StehlinFrench politician who went to the 1973 Bilderberg and who died after a traffic accident in 1975
Ugo StilleItalian editor who attended the 1968, 1973 and 1988 Bilderbergs
Thorvald StoltenbergNorwegian politician with deep state connections
Shepard StoneNew York Times propagandist and Bilderberg Steering committee member who was Director of International Affairs of the Ford Foundation for 15 years.
Gunnar SträngSwedish Finance Minister. Attended the 1973 Bilderberg
Dick TaverneUK politician with deep state connections
Terkel Terkelsen19 time Bilderberg visitor and editor of Berlingske Tidende
Otto TidemandNorwegian Shipowners' Association, Bilderberg Steering committee, ...
Berend UdinkDouble Bilderberger Dutch politician
Victor UmbrichtBilderberg Steering committee, 15 Bilderbergs
Krister WickmanSwedish central banker and deep state functionary
Carroll WilsonSingle Bilderberger academic
Hans-Jürgen WischnewskiGerman Bilderberg Steering committee member, 4 Bilderbergs in the 1970s
Jean Charles Snoy et d'OppuersPresident of the European League for Economic Cooperation, Bilderberg Steering Committee