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Paul Schrade
Lisa Pease"Lifelong information activist" and JFK Assassination researcher
William PepperThe lawyer who successfully brought a legal case against the US government for the MLK assassination.
Rev. James M. Lawson Jr.
Rob Reiner
Robert McClelland
Rodnell Collins
Dick Russell
Mort SahlA stand up comedian similar to George Carlin who spoke out about the crimes of the US deep state.
Vincent SalandriaJFK Assassination researcher
Peter Dale ScottPeter Dale Scott is the early 21st century Doyen of Deep Political Theory.
Martin Sheen
John SimkinA historian and researcher into deep politics who started the Spartacus Educational website
Stephen Jaffe
Oliver StoneDirector of the 1991 film, JFK, which helped lead to passage of the Assassination Materials Disclosure Act of 1992.
David TalbotFounder of and researcher into the US Deep state.
William Klaber