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Raymond Chretien20 May 1942Attended the 1998 Bilderberg as Canadian Ambassador to the US.
Jean Chrétien11 January 1934Prime minister of Canada 1993-2003, Bilderbergs in 1982 and 1996
Edmund Clark10 October 1947Canadian banker, 8 Bilderbergs
Marshall Cohen28 March 1935deep state connected businessman
M. J. Coldwell2 December 188825 August 1974Canadian politician
Tony Comper24 April 1945Single Bilderberg, Bank of Montreal head
James CorbettJames Corbett is a popular critic of the US establishment who has been active on the internet since 2007.
Kenneth Courtis1947Businessman, financier and 3 times Bilderberg visitor.
Andrew Coyne23 December 1960Transatlantic Canadian journalist who, having previously supported Canadian participation in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, dismissed any significance to the phrase the Great Reset after the public became aware of it, and supports vaccine passports.
W. Harriet CritchleyCanadian academic who attended the 1984 Bilderberg
Lauchlin Currie8 October 190223 December 1993
Louis DelvoieCanadian diplomat who attended the 1984 Bilderberg
Jacques Demers25 August 1944
Paul Desmarais4 January 19278 October 2013Canadian billionaire, 3 Bilderbergs
John Deutsch26 February 191118 March 1976Canadian economist
Dan DicksDan Dicks is a regular watcher of Bilderberg.
John Diefenbaker18 September 189516 August 1979A Canadian PM who fought the Canadian Deep state. Toppled in regime change operation by the Kennedy administration in 1962/63.
William Dimma13 August 1928Canadian businessman and corporate director who attended the 1982 Bilderberg
Stéphane Dion28 September 1955Canadian diplomat who attended the 1998 Bilderberg as Canada/President of the Privy Council
Cory Doctorow17 July 1971Activist in favor of liberalizing copyright laws and a proponent of the Creative Commons organization
David Dodge8 June 1943
William Dodge19113 June 1986Canadian Labor Union Leader
Christian Dubé3 October 1956Quebec Health Minister
Jacques Duchesneau7 February 1949Former president and chief executive officer of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.
James DuncanLittle known member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee.
Clarence Dunlap1 January 190820 October 2003Canadian air force officer who was at NATO in 1959. Deputy commander-in-chief of NORAD in the 1960s.
A. Davidson Dunton4 July 19127 February 1987President of the CBC from 1945-57. Bilderberg 1966
Maurice Duplessis20 April 18907 September 1959Premier of Quebec. Died of heart attack, just like his two party successors.
Michel Dupuy11 January 19302nd generation Bilderberger, a Canadian diplomat like his father
Pierre Dupuy9 July 189621 May 1969Canadian diplomat. Like his son, Michel Dupuy, a Bilderberger diplomat
Fredrik Eaton26 June 193820 February 2021Attended 3 Bilderbergs around when he was Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
James Eayrs13 October 19266 February 2021Canadian historian of Canadian foreign policy who attended the 1967 Bilderberg
Murray Edwards10 December 1959Tar sands billionaire, where he jas more at stake than possibly any other individual.
Matthew Ehret
Charles EmondMay 1972Canadian banker
Michael Evans16 August 1957Attended the 2013 Bilderberg. Goldman Sachs for 20 years. independent director of the Barrick Gold Corporation.
Marcel Faribault8 October 190826 May 1972Canadian notary, businessman and administrator.
Anthony FellCanadian Bilderberg businessman banker
Brian FergusonCanadian businessman
Gérard Filion18 August 190926 March 2005Canadian businessman and journalist who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Eric Findley1950
Gordon Fisher19291985Newspaper CEO charged with a cartel conspiracy to reduce competition.
Donald Fleming23 May 190531 December 1986Single Bilderberger
Al Flood1937Canadian banker of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce who failed upwards. Bilderberg/1996
Robert A. D. Ford8 January 191512 April 1998Bilderberger diplomat poet
Josée Forest-Niesing18 December 196420 November 2021Ontario Senator who died of COVID-19 at the age of 56
Charles Foulkes3 January 190312 September 1969Canadian soldier who attended the 1961 Bilderberg
Robert Fowler18 August 1944Canada's longest-serving Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN
Sean Fraser1 June 1984WEF/Young Global Leaders/2022. After being elected to parliament in 2015, he became Minister of Immigration in 2021.
Mike Frost1938Canadian SIGINT spook for 34 years who became a whistleblower