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William Colby4 January 192027 April 1996
Etienne CopelFormer chief of France's air force, Le Cercle.
Miles Costick
Percy Cradock26 October 192322 January 2010
James CritchfieldLe Cercle
Alexandre Ribeiro da Cunha13 January 19151983A Portuguese diplomat who went to a meeting of Le Cercle in US in December 1973.
Hans van Dalsen
Florimond DammanJuly 1979
Armand de Decker8 October 1948
Jean-François Deniau31 October 192824 January 2007A diplomat who wrote the foreword of the Treaty of Rome. Le Cercle
Laura Jordan Dietrich21 May 1952A spooky US government insider
Paul Dietrich1949Spook, Cercle visitor
Hans-Lothar Domröse28 December 1952German
Yves-Marc Dubois
Alan Duncan31 March 1957UK
Lee Edwards1932USAnti-communist advisor for Nixon and others. Cercle attendee.
Philipp Vander Elst
Audna EnglandAugust 1944Le Cercle.
Fritz Ermarth
Evo Fernandes1944April 1988Le Cercle attendee, Murdered in unclear circumstances.
Edwin J. Feulner12 August 1941
Charles FinchamLe Cercle.
Brand Fourie1916July 2008South Africa
Wyche Fowler6 October 1940US
Louis Freeh6 January 1950
Charles Freeman2 March 1943
Yegor Gaidar19 March 195616 December 2009
Pierre Gallois29 June 191124 August 2010France
Indira Gandhi19 November 191731 October 1984Le Cercle
Marie-France Garaud3 March 1934French
Jean-Claude Gaudin8 October 1939French
Reinhard Gehlen3 April 19028 June 1979
Conrad Gerber19412009
Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau26 June 1933
Alberto Giovannetti19131989Italy
Philip Goodhart3 November 19255 July 2015
Rolf GraageArms dealer, Le Cercle...
Alan Greenspan6 March 1926
Ronald Grierson6 August 192123 October 2014UKSpooky financier/businessman
Eldon Griffiths25 May 19253 June 2014UK
Alain Griotteray15 October 192230 August 2008French
François de Grossouvre29 March 19187 April 1994The spook in charge of Operation Gladio in France.
Rolf GärtnerUnknown Cercle attendee.
Chuck Hagel4 October 1946
William Hague
Stefan Halper1944US
Stephen Hastings4 May 192110 January 2005UK
Tsutomu HataLe Cercle
Neil Peter Van Heerden30 July 1939South Africa
Basil E. Hersov18 August 1926